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Statistics is all Crap

I was in for an interview, waiting for my turn at the reception. Nervous, shaking, stomach-churning and not to mention those goose bumps. With trembling hands I picked up “Business world” – had to look like a pseudo-intellectual, you see.

Anyways the cover issue declared Infosys as the most respected company in India followed by Bharti Airtel and Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance. Cool stuff, ain’t it?

But hey, wait a minute! What about Tata?

Well, it managed to finish in the top 10, that’s all they had to say about it. Come on now. Just look at Tata’s business, it has lived by the rules, has put the country before itself, has been a household name in India, a driver of technologies in India, always ahead in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), has kept only a minuscule amount of its profit for itself and still behind Reliance. Awkward, isn’t it?

Now here comes the funny part. The survey was done by some British Company/ Association BW (if I remember correctly). Absolutely fantastic!!! Aren’t we satisfied with the ridiculous and derogatory statements the British media makes about India that we need to turn to them to rate us? Their sample size was just 499. And they confidently claim to know us, a population of 1 billion+ !!!

Ridiculous, I say. All is fine, but rating Reliance in the Top 3 is got to be a scandal. Ask Anyone and anyone I mean and he’ll tell you about Reliance : “Big Company, Great Company! But respect equally big: Zero, Zero and Zero”

So what am I so pissed off on? The Survey? No, certainly not. The statistics like these ones leave me completely frustrated and especially when they are published in a respected and credible magazine like “Business World”. A sample size of just 499 was taken for India and no quantification of the data was mentioned, and you expect me to rely on this data?

Most of us , don’t have the time to go through the entire article. I did because I had little else to do. And I noticed what I wouldn’t have, had it been a quick read through. The sample size for it was lost in some corner of the article, not to be discovered by many.

Statistics may speak crap. Yes, it’s true but when a “business magazine” serves us the same crap, and that too on a platter, all because it comes from some gutter of London. It is unacceptable and unbearable.

Surveys like these divert our minds and heavily mislead us. And all because of what? Cheap publicity or funding from big MNCs!!!

I do not hold any grudge whatsoever against Reliance.. it is just a reflection of the general sentiment about the company in my environment. The opinion may or may not reflect the opinion of the general public.


6 thoughts on “Statistics is all Crap

  1. Very true to some extent…..But i think that you have something against Reliance[:)]
    But it is common fact that statistics are meant for some purpose of few individuals. well said….Statistics can never be trusted….


  2. Well,I have just one suggestion to you.WHen you write such an aggresive article ,dont spoil it all by saying thats its not meant to offend anybody and that u have nothing against reliance AND all that… either destroy it or dont start the argument. U have a right to be frustrated, so dont show mixed emotions. Reliance has been infamous , but if u talk about reputation ,it has one that can be envied.

    on the rankings,there must be a methodology to ranking the company and when BIz World has published it must have some authenticity,hence unless the complete methodology is published its difficult to say if its all rigged.Most of the rankings are by reputed foreign companies,so just saying that itsa british company doesnt really prove anything.PLease look at repute and not the nationality.

    Alas, just good intentions dont take you anywhere and thats whats happening to TATA.


  3. @ virinder

    1. It is not aggresive is severely toned down by my editor… it’s just my style of writing

    2. This blog is not the place where i take out my grudge… If I want i could take it out on my personal blog So I would really appreciate if u don’t repeat such words.. It is really insulting and embaressing. This blog is a result of some dedicated research and hard work by its authors( and that doesn’t necessarily include me!!!) . The others put in a lot of effort, research and time for every post and its demeaning for them if someone considers this blog as a place to vent out frustation… If u insist I can remove this post but plz give this blog and them its due credit.

    3.I don’t have any grudge against RELIANCE but that doesn’t mean I respect it. Money, Power and name has nothing to do with respect -For eg laloo yadav ( now plz don’t start a n argument on laloo).

    4. As for Tata, correct me if i am wrong but as faras i know it donates 97% of its profit.IISc, Banglore was formerly called tata institute of science, Tata institute of Social science, Tata cancer research hospitals are few names that obviously proves ur claim about “good Intentions” wrong.

    5. As for big names…and authenticity…may be i missed the quantification and methodology please let me know about those.. As far as i remember Reliance got less than 8% 7.4 something…so it puts the total vote for reliance below 40.Now If u consider the 10 people from my college who prefered no job to working in reliance and 6 of my room mates vote against reliance as negative vote it the %age becomes between 5 to 4% soit falls probably out of top 10.. This is just an eg. which may not actully reflect its true status.

    6. If u so blindly trust the big names u just might give in to the clainm that Basmati rice is actually a US discovery (us Patent Office). You may also agree that POK is a part of pakistan( google ), Indo – china war was started by India (wiki), 1857 was a purely a military revolt and not Ist war of Independence(british historians) George Bush is all for peace ( Nobel Nominating Comittee). Wake up dude!!!

    – eagarly waitin for ur response


  4. Call the fire brigade, someone just blew a lid !!! Falcon, I think ur wings are on fire.

    I seriously think u need help buddy, becos u have taken mere suggestions to limits of insult! Ur dear editor should know that people like u wud destroy his blog, bcos some constructive comments are countered by touchy guys like u. How in heavens name did you reach pakistan and bush and what not.

    If reliance got less than 10% and even then its at number 3 – then whats the big deal anyways? counting roommates doesnt mean anything. Reliance has a reputation throughout the world and personal opinions by you and me does not stop it from being the behemoth it is. Did I ever say anything about respect. Please read before responding.

    if u check WALMART website, u will see the most astounding number of CSR programs you wud ever see on any site, but even then its regarded to be a big bad corporate destroying livelihood of many. But if u count the amount of service and products it provides to the world by giving them at low prices, then its good work is an amount more than GDPs of some countries.

    Falcon, when a company is showing results, making its shareholders happy, they respect it, so reliance gets the respect it deserves as it’s simply setting the SENSEX on fire and commanding respect. I know u r angry about this cruel world, these big corporates that can do anything for profits sake, about this Nuclear deal, about TATA not getting the due it deserves year after year, about this reply – but I will make it easy for u. I wont give u the shock of another reply, or wud that be a satisfaction?

    Rishab – can u please tell me if Biz World has put up some Methodology. If not I think it can be ignored like 90% of the published surveys!


  5. thx Virinder,
    u see that’s what u call an emotional- aggresive writing.. i really liked ur comment and wanted some more feedback.. so the statements..

    Regarding respect.. it think the post talked about that…As u said reliance has been infamous…very true.. setting sensex on fire…i call it agreat money making stock..
    however ideas differ. As u might have missed i just gave an example as how only 16 votes can change the voting..not to score any point against reliance ( reread the comment just in case u missed it). The thing is if they have cover atleast 5000 people i would have regarded the stats reflection of country’s opinion thats it. reliance was chosen as example because, even u will agree that its selection is controversial. hence to highlight the worthlessness of the survey.

    i hope u get the point…


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