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Mayawati is at it again!

The Leopard they say never changes its spots. Mayawati’s suspension of four officials in the Sultanpur district has raised eyebrows and received flak from the Congress Party as well as the UP Governer who has asked her to justify the suspension.

May, 2007. Mayawati had just been sworn in as the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister for the fourth time when she began her term in trademark Mayawati style. 109 officers were transferred and three got the axe. The officers who were transferred were IPS officers, including IGs, DIGs, district police chiefs (SPs/SSPs). As Mayawati ushered in a new set of officials and ordered inquiries against numerous officials. This overhaul of the system was criticized by many of her detractors, but Mayawati maimtained that she was doing it for the right reasons that of dereliction of duty.

Well, Mayawati is back at it again. She recently suspended four officials for praising Rahul Gandhi. This was a shockin move for many. And the Congress too has not taken this lying down as they have questioned Mayawati’s act of sking officers all around the state to have collected funds on Mayawati’s birthday just a few days back.

The officers to have been suspended are the Faizabab divisional commissioner Venkateshwarlu and the Sanjay Kumar who is the district magistrate of the Sultanpur district. Both of these officers were IAS officers and were suspended for lauding the Gandhi family in a book about the history of the Sultanpur District.The local chief development and another officer from the Sultanpur district were also fired from their jobs.

The book under question had been released in September last year and no one in the Uttar Pradesh government seemed to have any problem with it till the news of the suspension broke out. The Sultanpur district falls under the purview of the Amethi constituency which is represented by Rahul Gandhi. Even late Rajiv Gandhi had represented this constituency.

AICC General Secretary Digvijay Singh told reporters, ”If writing a fact is a crime, then the officers have committed a crime,” and went on to add that there was no mention of any political party, but the work done by the Gandhis.

A day after the sacking of the four senior bureaucrats, Governor T.V. Rajeshwar wrote to Mayawati on Friday asking her to explain the reasons for the sudden move. Mayawati it seems is busy preparing a reply to the Governer justifying the suspension of these officials.

The scenario in Uttar Pradesh has definitely turned hostile and is bound to get aggravated after this suspension. Is Mayawati insecure of the Congress party doing well in UP? Or does she believe that Rahul Gandhi can be the lucky mascot to bring back Congress to power in Uttat Pradesh. Whatever, it maybe the message sent out by Mayawati is loud and clear and all the officials across the state will have to watch what they say or write to stay away from the ire of the BSP Supremo.


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