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Point to Ponder Over Raj Thackeray

I agree that this post on the speeches by the MNS chief Raj Thackeray has come quite late but I intended it to be delayed as my first response is quite impulsive and need not be of any wisdom. Now I do not claim that the post contains unquestioned knowledge, deep thinking or wisdom but obviously it would be less inflammatory, less impulsive which makes it worthy of a look.( mind you not read) The second reason for the delay was that I intended to do a lot of research before I write this one. (And for a change I did that but forgot to take down the notes.)

If you have been following “The Hindustan Times” you must have not missed an excellent article on the issue by Vir Sanghvi I too, in my last post tried to make a subtle point with my sarcastic humour, which to my great regret went unnoticed.

Now statistics tells us that about 22% of the mumbai population is of UPites while Biharis comprise about 3%. So, one can agree that to some extent the north Indians are a burden on the city’s infrastructure. I, therefore takes Raj Thackeray’s words on the face value and agree that North Indians should leave the Mumbai, but before I do that I have some issues.

Going by your logic, Mr. Raj the Gujratis must leave Mumbai before Biharis and ultimately the city should be handed to the handful of fishermen community which were the original inhabitants of Mumbai.

Let’s even forget the above logic. Mr. Raj Thackeray is the elite leader of India, so as a commoner I am sure I have twisted the fact to suit me! And Mr. Thackeray is right when he asks the North Indians to leave, but let’s look at the facts again. Mr. Thackeray says we provide cheap labour and hence we are depriving the “sons of the soil” of their livelihood. Again during the entire protest period your target group were daily wage labourers, and the Taxi drivers. Though you spoke against the white collar jobs but you did not target them. Evidently, they are of secondary importance to you!

Hitler in his Mein Kemph said on the very first page The German people have no right to indulge in colonial policies until they have brought the brothers of the same motherland under one Reich (Sic). If it’s true then by the principle of duality, if you have to move your own people out of your home, make sure, the illegal aliens are turned out first.

I want to ask Mr. Raj Thackeray as to why no campaign was targeted towards the illegal Bangladeshi immigrant before targeting the North Indians. Dharavi the largest slum of Asia,is in Mumbai and a majority of them are illegal immigrants working as petty labourers and often unlawful activities. Yet almost every tenth house sports the MNS flag in Dharavi. These illegal immigrants have got their fake voter cards and huge vote bank for any political party in the city.

So, my dear Mumbaikars and Indians, wake up if we can’t see the true colour of these politicians and keep on falling in their dirty traps and electing them time and again. We will be proving the SOB Winston Churchill claims right that India in 50 years will be ruled by 3R’s Rogue, Ruffians and Rustics!!!


2 thoughts on “Point to Ponder Over Raj Thackeray

  1. When will the people of Maharashtra learn ?? I am a Maharashtrian but shame on me to call myself a Maharashtrian……I AM AN INDIAN. We are all Indians. It the the same with many of our States in India; people have to learn to call themselves Indians and be proud to call themselves INDIAN. I am based abroad so many of you who haven’t been abroad do not know the value of Indians. Two-three years back, the Indians were treated as dirt and even today in some cases (specially in the Middle East). Today the world is talking about Indians and their culture etc. We live in pride now-adays specially because of the the growth of the Indian Economy. (THANKS TO THE MANMOHAN SINGH GOVERNMENT). We are accepted as world class in all the places but when it comes to dirty politics played by some jealous leaders, people here jeer at us…..for eg. when Raj Thakrey wanted the North Indians to move out of Mumbai, people here were doubtful about India’s Unity and when such bad things happen in India, the foreigners are happy and they jeer at us….they do not want India to be peaceful and united. As in the case of inflation, it is a global issue (we can feel it out here) and dirty politicians try to blame the Indian government for the cause. This is a Government which came as a boon to India and has done so much of good for our country therfore WE MUST HAVE TRUST AND PATIENCE TO WAIT AND GIVE THEM TIME TO SOLVE ISSUES LIKE INFLATION…..JAI HIND !!


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