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Pakistan troops open fire on american choppers

American helicopters flew into Pakistan in the Pakistan Afghanistan militant infested border but had to return as Pakistani troops opened fire on them. Earlier fifteen people were killed in aerial strikes carried out by America on September 3rd.
Though Pakistan is a key ally of America in its fight against terror, but the recent shooting of the Pakistan troops on the American choppers is sure to create tension between the two nations. In the blast at the Marriot hotel in Islamabad more than fifty people were killed a few days back with a lot of them being foreigners. Two American department of defense officials also lost their lives in the attack.
In this particular incident it is said that two American choppers crossed on to the Pakistan border at Lowari Mandi in the North Waziristan region. From the Pakistan side, the troops as well as civilians opened small arms fire. The American forces though did not retaliate with fire and after monitoring and patrolling for some time returned back to Afghanistan.
There has been increased pressure being put by America on the new government in Pakistan to act against the militants and insurgents belonging to Taliban and the Al Qaeda who are suspected to be on the Pakistan and the Afghanistan border. The Americans believe that Pakistan officials have to act fast if they are to curb the acts of militancy and terrorism in Pakistan as well as regions of Afghanistan. The American authorities also believe that some of the top leaders of the Al Qaida including Osama bin laden are hiding on Pakistan land.
This is not the first time that America has engaged in aerial strikes. Just a few days back, on September 3rd, in a raid by American commandos. Fifteen people were killed in the missile strikes.
Meanwhile the American embassy in the Pakistan capital has sent out instructions to all Americans in Pakistan asking them to reduce their movement and to travel only when absolutely essential. They have also been asked to keep a low profile and also avoid very crowded regions.
The spate of militant activities in the Pakistan Afghanistan region has been on the rise with gunmen kidnapping Afghanistan ambassador designate and killing his driver in Peshawar. In another incident a suicide bomber killed several security officers in the Swat valley.
Following the attack on the JW Marriot hotel in Islamabad, British airways has also temporarily suspended its flights to the country. It used to offer six flights to Pakistan every week.
Meanwhile Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari is due to meet his American counterpart in America today. The topic of the fight against militants and terrorists will be on top of the agenda. Zardari has maintained that he will protect the sovereignty of Pakistan at all costs and any one violating its border will have to face action. Zardari has also asked America to assist them with intelligence reports in finding the militants but has maintained that Pakistan will be in a better position to deal with the threats themselves. With the security and safety of the people in Pakistan being the core issue these days and with Americans deciding to go ahead with aerial strikes in Pakistan, the Pakistan president is sure to face a tough time on the hot seat.


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