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27th February: Death Anniversary of Chandrashekhar Azad

Indian Freedom Struggle during the year 1920-35 saw emergence of young revolutionaries. It was in thie period when “CHANDRASHEKHAR AZAD”, “BHAGAT SINGH”, “RAJGURU”, “SUKHDEV”, “RAMPRASAD BISMIL” “ASHFAQULLA KHAN”, etc arrived and created thunder in the British administration. This young brigade sacrificed their family, job, entertainment and all comforts at very tender age and plunged into the freedom movement. They were oozing with confidence and had just one motto: Freedom from British Rule. As the Rang De Basanti says “In this world there are 2 kind of people one who calmly goes towards death and anther who goes with lot of noise and irritation but these were stands in third category which Happily, Knowingly and wantedly going towards the mouth of Death.”


27th February is the death anniversary of Chandra Shekhar Azad. If you read the saga of self sacrifice and courage of Azad, you will remember the words of Thomas Jefferson- “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” Azad joined the freedom struggle when Gandhiji launched Non Co-Operation Movement in 1920. But with the sudden withdrawal of movement in 1922 following Chauri-Chaura incident like thousands of his countrymen, Azad too was greatly disappointed. Azad switched over to armed revolution and formed ‘Hindustan Socialist Republican Association’ with other revolutionaries to spread the message of complete independence.


Chandrashekhar Azad was involved in Kakori Train Robbery (1926), the attempt to blow up the Viceroy’s train (1926), and the shooting of Saunders at Lahore (1928) to avenge the killing of Lala Lajpat Rai. Azad was a terror for the British police. He was on their hit list and the British police badly wanted to capture him dead or alive. For his part, Azad had also vowed that he would never be arrested by the British police and that he would die a free man. On this day, in the year 1931, Azad was betrayed by an informer and was besieged by the British police in Alfred Park, Allahabad. Azad fought valiantly till he had ammunition but later killed himself as he vowed to stay “Azad” throughout his life.


Chandrashekhar Azad is a legend and motivated many people to join the freedom struggle. Legends are fearless, selfless and passionate about the things they do and Azad certainly belongs to this category. Chandrashekhar Azad was the heart of all revolutionary leaders and his poetic composition, ‘Dushman ki goliyon ka hum samna karenge, Azad hee rahein hain, azad hee rahenge’ is still recited by Indian soldiers.



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