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Ask for Water from your MP, nothing Else!

The author of this post requested removal of this unedited post.

We’ll soon introduce the edited version of the post.

2 thoughts on “Ask for Water from your MP, nothing Else!

  1. Why you removed the unedited version. What was written was completely correct. I asked many of my friends to visit the link but ….


  2. @Piyush

    Dear Piyush,

    I personally believe that this blog is not the place to express the raw emotions.

    This blog was started with an aim of creating awareness among the citizens of the country without hurting someone’s feeling and ill feeling.

    We are here to put our point across the youth in a right manner at a right time.

    A more updated and correct version will be put up shortly.

    However, if you want to read the unedited version of any of my post. Please visit my personal blog.



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