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Kasab: A National Hero????????

FOR SOMETIME now, I am really wondering that when wills this case of Ajmal Kasab will end. I don’t see it ending in near future. I was always of a view that we should try him at court and not to hang him without a trial. But the snail pace of judiciary is making mockery of the trial. Seven months have passed and we haven’t been able to bring a terrorist caught on camera killing innocent men/women/children to justice.

What a shame?

The media has gone a long way in making a hero out of Kasab. The number of reports on him in last seven months has made him a well known figure of world. His photograph has been flashed on television and print media umpteen number of times. By now most Indians know where Kasab was born and what his parents did. What made him run away from home and how did he come contact with the LeT. We also know Kasab’s love for mutton and chicken dishes and his sole wish to meet Amitabh Bachchan.

We have up to date information on how Kasab is reacting in court or whether he is repenting his crime or not. Why the hell we need this information? This reporting can be termed as callous behaviour of media towards the one who suffered in the 26/11 attacks.

Imagine what pinch they must be feeling when the news channels show over extended coverage of the culprit. I was just reading the story of Captain Amitendra Kumar Singh, who was part of NSG team carrying operations in Oberoi hotel. Hearing about captured terrorist Ajmal Kasab, the 28-year-old braveheart admits, makes his blood boil. “He has become a bigger hero than us.

They should have stoned him to death at some crossroads in Mumbai that time itself.” How true he is when he says that Kasab has become a hero. He is so popular that the producers of reality shows might consider him as a contestant. When Monica Bedi and Rahul Mahajan can become celebrity then so can Kasab!

The money that is being spent on his security and trial could have been efficiently utilised in updating the security infrastructure and helping the kin of the deceased. He must be executed at the earliest. The case should get over now.

This is the apathy and irony that the so called ‘concerned citizens’, who came out in lakhs on December 3, 2008 at Gateway of India forgot the date of election. They preferred spending vacation than doing their duties. The same set of people were crying and shouting on politicians after the attacks. The numerous groups that were formed after the attacks have lost the steam and MA Naqvi’s comments of ‘lipstick wearing socialites’ stands true. The soldiers who risked and laid down their life for us have faded from our memory and media has found a bigger hero in Kasab…

What does the readers of targetgenx think??????


6 thoughts on “Kasab: A National Hero????????

  1. Its true indeed. I don’t think the way we are tryin’ kasab can really prove him guilty of that heinous crime. More stringent and agile ways to be find out and implemented.


  2. hey rishabh!! i agree with you dad said the EXACT words after this Kasab got glorified in the media..Infact,I’ll join anyone who still wants to stone Kasab to death in Public..can we still we do that??Anybody interested in joining hands and starting a move against all this glorification??


  3. I understand what you are saying. And its true. But do not ignore the dilemma of the indian judicial system too. How we treat Kasab makes an international statement. We do stand against terrorism and zero tolerance but we also play role models for not practising any violence and peace, even against our own offenders.

    His acts are surely wrong and for death he may deserve death too. India doesn’t deserve the ‘tag’ of killing him.

    Behind any judicial decision the idea is not to harm any criminal but to prevent him/her from causing any further damage. And so is true for him, I guess. Our culture does not promote revenge/vengeance but only divine punishment and restriction.

    Anyway, to comment further I need to know the bases of his yet incomplete trial. But yes, its regrettable, the amount of custodial, judicial, media and mass attention he has received.


  4. This simplest way is to write email/letters urging media house not to give importance to any news related to Kasab until the case is over. If all of us can do the same the media will have to respect the public sentiments. I am already convincing my friends to do the same. We all should do this.
    We can also plan to have a petition to government to finish the trial ASAP….


  5. @Rishabh: I totally agree with you rishabh,from what i see, Kasabs case is goin nowhere. I still remember, the face of little girl who was testimony of Kasab’s case. I really felt very sad for her as she was one of the victim. Yes rishabh we can plan to file a petition…

    @Tesjawy: I totally agree with you….the pace with which i case is moving…ur above statement seems to be correct..:)


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