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The Indian Political System – As I See it

This is purely based on my analysis and I might be wrong in my interpretations – so feel free to criticize me and have a healthy discussion, I anyway love making mistakes , learning and then evolving from there on. And before I start , this is Quite Serious and Insightful unlike my other posts.

” This Politician Doesn’t Deserve My Vote ”
” All politician suck big time. – (PJ) What ? ”
” All are corrupt , inefficient and India will always remain this way – Lets Shift to America , UK etc. ”

During the past few years I have met many people who are part of the system (MPs , MLAs , Corporators etc.) and also people who have been constantly challenging the system like Ramesh Ramnathan ( Janagraha) , Arvind Kejriwal ( RTI ) , Capt. Gopinath etc. and my opinion about this whole system and setup has undergone a sea change. I was always of opinion that the best way to solve India’s problems is to make all the politician stand in a line and then shoot some of them, so that the rest of them start working properly. Though I still feel that it could be one of the solutions but I have also realized that leaders are nothing but a true reflection of the people they represent (Majority obviously) or as they say in Hindi , Jaisi Praja – Waisa Raja.

Let me explain better with the real life experiences I had. I am sure most of you would have seen SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE and might have been angered and disgusted at the way Mr. Danny Boyle had portrayed the slums. But trust me its much more worse than that. The last time I happened to travel through an internal road of a slum, atleast half of it was filled with filth, consisting faeces and god knows what else (Just the thought of that moment , makes me uneasy) and then there are people sitting on their charpais , on the same road and cutting vegetables , making chotis , eating food, etc. like any of us would normally do in our balconies. Politicians visit such places, NGOs visit , I and U might visit(only if its unavoidable) but do you think anyone would want to clean that filth ??? None !!!! Instead we would try to teach children, give them money, clothes, etc. because we know that they live there and its them who got to make sure things are clean and neat. Even if someone takes the initiative and cleans it up, they would make sure that it again goes back to its old condition within no time because that is their system; that is how they have been living , that is a part of their habits and lifestyle.

The same applies to us in India too, when we people are so used to filth around us, why would a handful of us at the Helm of Power be responsible for cleaning it?

Now let me familiarize you with the election process in India.

Over 90% of the people do not get basic food and money to survive.

Over 90% do not understand government policies, fiscal policies, infrastructure expenditure, industrialization and other similar things.

What really matters to them is the food that they can get and its all about those 2 rupees per kilo rice, money that is spent, those bottles of Beer that are splurged,etc. which make a party win and come back to power again.

With the so-called educated population who can understand macro factors and differentiate between good and bad being just 10%, out of which only around 70% do not vote.

And to reach out to billions through people employed as “party workers”, requiring a daily expenditure of approximately Rs.1000 per person per day, it basically means that just to merely contest an election and have any chances of winning, you need a minimum of a whopping Rs. 25 Crores for  the level of a MP, 8 Crores for an MLA and around just a crore for a corporator.

And when someone is spending so much, along with other party expenses, marketing expenses, etc., with no system of Political Donation unlike America wherein people are educated, literate, self-sufficient (to the scale of 90%), what else can one expect???

Trust me, from my experience, over 30% Politicians want to work genuinely for the Public but its the system, bureaucracy and other Politicians which literally handicap them. So how do you solve the problem?? Get smarter, educated people and make them understand and form a higher, smarter vote bank with over 70% from current 10% and trust me Indian Political System will be much much better than America’s.
I will try to put up one effective solution to all the problems keeping all the problems in mind. Do check that out too.

Just imagine that you have full access to RBI with Billions of Dollars, No police, No Parents, No teachers to bother you, literally no one to ask you any questions or hold you accountable. What would you do???

Do you keep the cash for a billion People whom you don’t even know, or have sex, deposit the cash in Swiss Account, buy properties and live life king size?

Its simple. There are only a handful who have skills to play through the system and climb to positions where they get access, with hardly a handful to question, then what do you expect ??

Lastly, the other day one of my friend, during a long discussion was complaining about how the politicians have ruined this country: “They are supposed to do this and that, but all they do is nothing. Its all about criminals and muscle power”.

Later, we saw a woman who had parked her vehicle at the wrong place. I told him that i will go and tell her its wrong. That is what i am supposed to do. Whether she listens to me or not is a different story altogether, but let me do what i am supposed to do. And he said “NO NO, its her wish, let her do what she wants. How does it bother you and what difference does it make to you?”.

This is the case with most of us. We complain and expect everyone else to do what they are supposed to do without doing what we are supposed to do. 🙂

And frankly, most of the times we are clueless and handicapped and don’t even know what we can do. Slums are too far, NGOs are run by government officials to make money.

I cannot commit, i have no time, am not good at this – I will try to address all of these issues along with a solution – watch out for my next post.

Hopefully this can initiate a debate and action or not, I hope people will be forced to think. In case you have liked it and feel it makes sense , then please do SHARE it with your friends, family & contacts.

Rohit Begwani


3 thoughts on “The Indian Political System – As I See it

  1. This is a endless debate man! About the parking thing, firstly, a lady with a vehicle is likely to be educated enough not to park in a no parking space. Secondly, do u have insurance for your vehicle ? Did u not try to bribe the cops the other day when i was with U ? Are u not educated ? Did u not have the brains to get ur insurance for ur vehicle ? did u not try to bribe the cops and get away paying the least possible amount ? The fine for not having insurance was around 1000 rs. Why did u not want to pay that ? It is the same reason that the lady parked in a no parking space. The same reason u did not have ur insurance.. It is ur fundamental duty to have all these things. Dont say that the government is like this because educated ppl dont vote. Its because educated ppl like u and me who r ignorant lazy and take advantage of the fact that we can get away breaking the rules. Put up this post about changing the political system and everything the day u honestly know u follow all the laws and rules put up by the indian government. Put this up when u get any work done that requires going thorugh the government office without paying bribe. Each one has faults. We need to correct ourselves, not be ignorant, follow rules, not pay bribe, pay fines, follow traffic rules, GET INSURANCE done on time. Do your fundamental duties perfectly and then post this. The reason why i say this or many ppl say that they cant do anything about the system is because even though we are educated, we are a part of the system. We contribute to how the system is. Just because we have money to pay bribe and we know to bargain, we pay the cops as less as possible and get away. I WILL NOT TAKE AN INITIATIVE NOT BECAUSE I DONT HAVE TIME, because i am an offender myself and am part of the system. It is difficult to change. Difficult for u and for me. We have lived all our lives like this. The solution to this starts with education and with self correction. Each individual needs to take responsibility and change themselves to follow the system. That is the day u can talk about right and wrong.

    U missed out one important quality when u spoke about america. U missed out that ppl are in general more honest, more willing to follow the law and the rules are strict.

    About cleaning slums and everything, if all the ppl who own businesses dont fake their income and pay their taxes correctly, the government will have money even with all the corruption and politicians eating the money.
    Paying tax without faking income is being honest to the govenment. If u r honest to the government they will be honest to u.

    U need moral education first.. Need to be taught basic honesty, shud be willing to take the crap the government throws at u until the system changes(which will take a hell of a long time).

    u have urself said 30% want to work correctly. wat about the remaining 70? Will u stand for elections ? r u willing to put ur life at risk and contest against someone who has muscle power and money ?

    Ask yourself these questions first and get an answer honestly. Then post this. Ur solutions will be of no good if only u follow them.
    I will not even read ur solutions until the day u r honest and follow all rules.
    U are not fit and qualified to post solutions!!!

    This is extremely hypocritical of u to talk about that lady and ur frnd and to even put up this post.

    My assessment : Normally i am not critical and take a neutral stand but this is just a bunch of bullshit and utter hypocrisy.
    This is a corrupt political system and the government is about money muscle and power as of now. Weather u alone will change it or ur solutions will, i am not sure. Anyway, the first solution shud be to change urself.
    Shocking that u r pointing fingers considering what u have done and r doing.

    Jaisi Praja – Waisa Raja. There is ur solution.
    Ur post is contradictory.
    U can educate the politicians all u want but if the ppl r idiots, even they cant do anything. U say jaisi praja waisa raja and u say solution is to educate the raja!!

    u quote “This is the case with most of us. We complain and expect everyone else to do what they are supposed to do without doing what we are supposed to do. ”

    “I cannot commit, i have no time, am not good at thiS”


    Believe me u r not going to change the political doing a business side by side. U can do this if u dedicate ur life to changing the system. Just a bunch of posts like this is hardly going to make a difference. Ppl r too busy in their lives trying to make their life as good as possible for themselves and live comfortably.
    And if u r going to argue saying that u r doing ur bit, this is something where ur little bit is again going to be eaten up. This is just a tiny little fish in an ocean and there is always a bigger fish to eat this up. This is where it ends.




  2. I like your post raghupathy and whatever you have said is all right except in some places were you have misunderstood me and at other places were in you are trying to be judgemental. I will reply in detail about each of your points in a day or two and YES i never tried to implement anything or I never Said am perfect , we are humans and we will remain the way we are and the whole idea of This post was that , yes things can be looked in a different way and System is nothing but the result of people like me and you. And whatever a country is , what me make of it.


  3. Accept the fact, this country can never change. it has been like this for yrs and will be so for yrs. its highly unfortunate for me to say this but friends this is the truth. believe it or not. noone wants to get involved in controversies by speaking his mind out and doing something. we’ve spoken enough since 1947 but have we done anything. sitting like eunuchs in our homes seeing the attack on akshardham or witnessing the babri masjid being demolished or living the truth of the 2008 mumbai attacks. these are just few instances which so called “united” us indians. think for yourself what was done to bring the perpetrators of these henious acts to justice. instead we have human rights commissions supporting them or lawyers defending them in courts saying that every man has right to fight for justice. ask yourselves how many of these human rights activists or lawyers would defend these demons if they had lost a loved one in these barbaric acts committed. the answer is noone. we need to forget being selfish and stand up for our rights and fight. noone will make a difference. it is only us who can make a difference. an if we did want a difference we would not be posting comments here but rather taking action to improve this country. its getting too late my fellow countrymen. dont sit like fools at home in the airconditioner seeing the latest flick on tele. its time we acted. becuse if we dont then we have noone else to blame but ourselves. its the survival of the fittest my friends remember. its a jungle out there. lets leave some morality for our future generations. otherwise our future generations will suffer and curse us. rathe than fighting and filing cases on the lyrics of the son jan gan rann its high time we move our ass and do something for our country! i hope atleast 1% of the people reading this message follow it and react positively. the rest can buzz off and should never complain regarding the sorry state of affairs in this country.
    Jai Hind. Jai Hindu. Jai Muslim. Jai Sikh. Jai Eesai.


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