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India Diffident over growing Chinese Incursions

Over the last year or so, the incursion of Chinese troops on Indian soil has gone up. The Indian Army has said that it has registered the protest with Chinese officials but it still looked lethargic in their approach to me.
The government is just playing down these border violations by saying that it is not a big deal since the Line of Actual Control is not clearly defined. Whatever the case, if these issues are not addressed seriously then India will face tough times ahead.

China is clearly a stronger power than India, both militarily and economically. As former Indian Navy Chief, Admiral Sureesh Mehta, put it, “The power gap between the two is just too wide to bridge and getting wider by the day.” The day China will be confident enough; it will assert its claim on disputed land more aggressively. Diplomatically also India has performed very badly.

The talks over the border dispute have been going on since the year 1981, making them already the longest and the most-barren process between any two countries in modern history. Thus, the longer the process of border-related talks continues without yielding tangible results, the greater the space Beijing will have to mount strategic pressure on India.

The futile discussion and time buying process will put India under even tremendous pressure. It seems the only progress here is that India’s choice of words in public is now the same as China’s. “Both countries have agreed to seek a fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable settlement of this issue,” Indian External Affairs Minister SM Krishna told Parliament on July 31. “The matter, of course, is complex and requires time and lots of patience.”

It was as if the Chinese foreign minister was speaking. Isn’t it odd for India, the country at the receiving end of growing Chinese hostility, to plead for more time and patience after nearly three decades of negotiations?

One thing is clear that New Delhi does not have any well defined plan and strategy to go around settling the disputes. More time means, more time for Beijing to define its strategy. Today, China’s muscle-flexing along the Himalayas cannot be ignored. After all, even when China was poor and backward, it employed brute force to annex Xinjiang (1949) and Tibet (1950), to raid South Korea (1950), to invade India (1962), to initiate a border conflict with the Soviet Union (1969) and to attack Vietnam (1979).

India’s long record of political diffidence only emboldens Beijing. India accepted Chinese annexation of Tibet and surrendered its own British-inherited extraterritorial rights over Tibet on a silver platter without asking for anything in return. Now, China wants India to display the same ‘amicable spirit’ and hand over to it at least the Tawang valley. Indian diplomats failed miserably and even in registering protests they appear to be defensive. It gives a feeling that they are clueless about China.

If the situation goes like this then one day, the duo might again be at war. The history has shown that the cost of weak politics and diplomacy has been paid by the soldiers.

Some part of the article has been referred from Rediff.


3 thoughts on “India Diffident over growing Chinese Incursions

  1. Wherever China finds any country or situation or economic activity which may be harmful to India Like fake Indian medicines, opposing the Grant to Arunachal Pradesh, Snatching Oil fields from ONGC, builing naval bases in Burma, Pakistan, Srilanka, Maldives, and enticing Nepal, It uses everyone upto its maximum limit. This results India has to tackle many fronts at one time. Now-a-days it is heard that Pakistan is printing fake Indian currency with the help of China to make it foolproof to destabilise Indian economy. Providing arms and amunition to north-eastern anti Indian outfits. Dumping cheap products in Indian market to slowdown the Indian industrial growth.

    Meanwhile China is building infrastructure along Indian border and deploying its forces, equipments and making them ready to move. And constantly making some new areas as bone of contention by making recent intrusions. Whenever in future China gets confidence that India is unable to respond properly and stongly. It will capture those areas and will come on peace talk table. In whole world no country will oppose it’s aggression because of their economic interest or aganist China’s strength. In our historical records we have won the battle in field but lost at table. In future we need leaders those have spines and totally devoted to India’s upliftment.

    If we start saying “NO to MADE IN CHINA” products this will be first step to strengthen our country. Aquire advance technologies, arms, equiments at any cost from anywhere in the World even from our hostile friends. Because at the time of war no one means no one will help us. Make a short compulsory military training to every resident of border area for future sake. Build multiple infrastructures along side of border areas to fill the gap of development. This will be very helpful in future.

    Teach some lessons to the neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Maldives. Make them feel that India is a Big Brother. For instance Nepal is making every hostile attempt to irritate India. According to UNO every landlock country should be given two only two free passage from nearest seaport. Do It, Seal all borderline with Nepal, Compulsory work permit to every nepalise to work in India. Resolve all Border issues as soon as possible. On borders make security as tight as a sparrow can not enter without valid permissions.

    Make our Naval Forces more and more powerful evry day inch by inch, second by second. In future war only one will be the winner who has the powerful electronic warfares, capacity to move forces in lesser time, adequate power and ability to handle many fronts at one time like China, Pakistan, Cocca Island Burma, may be Nepal next etc.

    No more mercy over such countries. India has to shrug off lame duck skin and show its power to the world.

    In doing so we may loose some Dollars, Pounds let it happen.

    Give assurance to people of India that they are resident of a Great Nation and they have leaders to look after them whether they are in Australia, UK, Canada, USA etc..

    We will not start anything but sure we will end that thing.


  2. Day by day india is degrading its armed forces in all aspects. When you need a tiger to defend your territory you keep a dog tied with a chain and keep kicking it all the time and starve it that is how india is treating its armed forces. the result will be any body’s guess


  3. India already lost most part of the great himalayas to china and pakistan.

    india cannot loose any more territory to its dirty rivals. india should take a strong stand againist this and should try to regain its occupied territory


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