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Happy Republic Day!! Sorry.

60 years back on this date, our nation adopted the constitution, commemorating the Poorna Swaraj declared 80 years back from now, in 1930. Wishing all our readers & visitors a very Happy Republic Day!!

Last year, on the occasion of Independence Day, we ran a contest. We ran it with a motive. We wanted this platform to be known by more people & to survive. We wanted people who were willing to contribute. The contest picked up well & we got a very good participation response. But unfortunately, the expected growth did not get triggered. We totally take the responsibility for not having delivered what we promised, with regards to the prizes.

Today, being the Republic Day, we have decided to stand up and apologise to all the participants of the competition, to whom we did not deliver the promised prizes.

We apologize to each one of you for not living up to our word:

@s4sukhdeep, @simardeep88, @jishita, @ArchisM, @pluckyprob, @atm_215, @agrimsingh, @amanpreetsarora, @jasdeepjon, @nish7x & @knayam

Unfortunately, we’re stopping the blog officially. The content will remain hosted. But, we won’t be posting anymore.

Wishing everyone a Happy Republic Day again. Goodbye.


3 thoughts on “Happy Republic Day!! Sorry.

  1. I recently started following your blog and really enjoyed every post. I am really sorry for the blog is officially coming to a close.I onl;y wish you change your decision. I am sure all your readers will feel the same way.


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