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Reforming Education Part 4: Single Entrance Examination for admission

In current scenario if you want to get admission to various colleges/universities then you might have to appear in many entrance examinations. Let us say that you want to get into an engineering college then you will write many entrance exam for various colleges. The autonomous colleges/deemed universities conduct their own exam. This is perhaps only the money making exercise as the cost of form is around thousand rupees. This in turn not adds pressure on students but also financial burden.

The best way out should be that their should be only one entrance exam per course. Eg: one for Engg, one for medical, one for law, etc. Consider that a student wants to get into engineering after 12th. Then there should be single entrance for admission into all engineering colleges in India and the syllabus of this entrance should be based on class 12th. The marks scored in this entrance should be the sole qualifying criteria for admission into all colleges. This will reduce the reliance on coaching institutes and also save on the time for many students who drop year or two to get into best college. If the syllabus is made common then the playing field is also made level for students belonging to various section of the society.

The government has intended of making common entrance examination from the year 2013 onwards.

If it is implemented in the best spirit then it will be a step towards reforming our education system.


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