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Indian Economy Slightly Better Poised than other Emerging Economies

THE WORST ever financial crisis to have ravaged the United States since the Great Depression of 1930s, has taken a heavy toll on the world’s largest economy. There is rise in the number of job layoffs and cost cutting. In fact, all the economies of the world are facing crisis to tackle this global meltdown.Continue reading “Indian Economy Slightly Better Poised than other Emerging Economies”

G7 nations vow to stop financial crisis

The world’s seven largest economies finance ministers and central bank governors met in Washington and have agreed to do whatever they can in order to tackle the financial crisis which has spread and threatens to take the entire world into recession. The G7 countries were in agreement that the current financial meltdown all over theContinue reading “G7 nations vow to stop financial crisis”

Morgan Goldman drop all investments

In what may be the defining moment of banking in America, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs- the last of the two largest surviving banks in America decided to abandon all investments and become bank holding companies in order to remain in business. If after the fall of Lehmann Brothers and the buy out of MerrillContinue reading “Morgan Goldman drop all investments”

The New found business : Microfinance

Microfinance is a provision by which funds are made available to poor people. Its aim is to provide service to those people who are away from the main stream banks. It started as philanthropy but is slowly gathering commercial ground. The idea was discovered by Nobel Laureate Mohammed Yunus, three decades ago. The purpose wasContinue reading “The New found business : Microfinance”

Narayan Murthy comes out in support of the Tatas

After Mukesh Ambani, it is Infosys founder Narayan Murthy who has come out in support of the Tatas with the agitation at Singur still carrying forward. Narayan Murthy warned that agitations are likely to deter investors from investing in West Bengal. The head corporates of India, the men who have written some of the greatestContinue reading “Narayan Murthy comes out in support of the Tatas”

The “Inflation” Effect

The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) has completed almost four years in the office. Kudos to them for providing a stable government so far. The growth rate has been approximately 8.5 per cent according to the various reports. I don’t know what exactly this term “growth rate” means, but I have observed many changes in myContinue reading “The “Inflation” Effect”

February 29th is more than just an ordinary day

Every four years an uninvited guest becomes a part of our Calendar. For some it goes unnoticed while the others plan something big for it. February 29th may not greet us too often, but this extra day has more to it than just an ordinary day of 2008. For the unfortunate few who are bornContinue reading “February 29th is more than just an ordinary day”

The Retail Rush has just begun

An industry that has caught the eye of the common man at almost every turning on the road is the Retail Industry, A young thriving population and booming consumer confidence has triggered the expansion of this sector and brought about the Retail Rush.  The Indian economy is booming and the boom has triggered a newContinue reading “The Retail Rush has just begun”

Young Engineers worried as Economy Slowdowns

THE UPSWING of the Indian economy is experiencing a slowdown and this trend might continue into the next financial year. The Indian economic boom is mainly due to the IT sector which has spearheaded it and created thousands jobs of every year. The stock markets worldwide are also down and companies from all the sectorsContinue reading “Young Engineers worried as Economy Slowdowns”

Budget 2008: An Overview

Budget 2008 will the fifth and final budget of the UPA government.With both UPA and NDA gearing up for the general elections in 2009,the demands to make the budget compatible with the ruling party’s political calculations are natural. Political compulsions to present a people-friendly budget will deter finance minister P Chidambaram from taking far-reaching measures.Continue reading “Budget 2008: An Overview”