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Women Unsafe in India

I found this article in Times of India. A plastic surgeon accused of sexually assaulting his patients; a doctor charged with the rape of a 10-year-old; a mob stripping two women in public; a hotel owner held for raping a tourist; a Russian doctor molested and a UK tourist raped — all this in aContinue reading “Women Unsafe in India”

Taare Zameen Par: A Movie that could change your life

Rarely do you come across a movie in which the audience applauds at the end. Well, here’s one that received a standing ovation. Taare Zameen Par has emerged as the best movie of the year.

World AIDS Day in India

Today is World AIDS Day! Brief History World AIDS Day was established by WHO in 1988. This day provides governments, national AIDS programs, faith organizations, community organizations, and individuals with an opportunity to raise awareness and focus attention on the global AIDS epidemic. Red ribbon is International symbol of HIV and AIDS awareness. We areContinue reading “World AIDS Day in India”

Save Our Ragpickers!

Have you ever noticed the rag pickers who daily forage into the garbage bin near your house? They are the people responsible for cleaning most of the stuff we throw in our garbage! Chances are you have never noticed these rag pickers, but these poorest of the poor rag pickers are the ones who notContinue reading “Save Our Ragpickers!”

Children’s Day! WHY?

The definition of “CHILD” in the Indian legal and policy framework is someone below 18 years. Our laws are not child friendly nor are they child-oriented. Here are a few figures for you to figure out the scenario: Less than half of India’s children between the age six and fourteen go to school Only 38%Continue reading “Children’s Day! WHY?”