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The VIP syndrome

It was just as I thought it would be. Amidst all the rage over frisking of our former president, A P J Abdul Kalam himself never registered a protest. From whatever I have known of him through papers, one minor brush with him at the Ahmedabad airport following his visit to Gujarat after the 2002Continue reading “The VIP syndrome”

Racism in Mumbai!

Last week there has been series in HT on how we treat foreigners and those who might be different from us. Our racism is largely, but not exclusively, based on colour. Caste and ethnicity is the biggest factor in India’s racism. As a student and now as a professional, I have also felt sometime thatContinue reading “Racism in Mumbai!”

Chai, sutta, politics & the Marathi Manus

Tired of communal politics & mudslinging in Maharashtra?
Tired of debating endlessly on communal tension in Mumbai?
Have you started religiously hating someone because of him being a localite or vice versa?
Why do you think this is happening?

196 Languages Endangered in India

The world’ human languages are disappearing about as quickly as species are going extinct. There are almost 6,900 languages spoken in the world. Accodring to the latest report of United Nations 2,500 are now endangered. This is remarkable because in the last such census conducted in 2001, number of endangered language was only 900. TheContinue reading “196 Languages Endangered in India”