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A Request to Sanjay Dutt

LET’S START with some background check on Sanjay Dutt. Sanjay Dutt is the son of Late Sunil Dutt and Late Nargis Dutt. His parents’ story was that of a Muslim girl marrying a Hindu boy. May be that’s what has compelled ‘junior’ Dutt to pass a statement like “Jab mai police custody me tha toContinue reading “A Request to Sanjay Dutt”

Why Is the Indian Film Industry Satisfied with being Copycats?

I don’t usually watch Hindi films because they’re predictable. Even Hollywood films are predictable because they run on a formula. But at least the story lines are somewhat original. There are some exceptional movies like The Departed – I saw the Chinese version first before they made the Hollywood version. I like a of IndianContinue reading “Why Is the Indian Film Industry Satisfied with being Copycats?”

The Demise of Parallel Cinema

Cinema was born out of the impetus to represent the reality in a more convincing manner. After the nation gained independence, the cinema focused on post colonial issues such as poverty, illiteracy and unjustified social system. Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Shanta Ram and Sohrab Modi were the few directors who made cinema pertaining to theContinue reading “The Demise of Parallel Cinema”

Chiranjeevi mania hits Andhra

It is a known fact that Politics and Acting are two of the most lucrative professions in India, but if you are a star of the stature of Chiranjeevi and are making a foray into Politics then you can be rest assured that it will certainly be a dawn of a new era. Konidela SivaContinue reading “Chiranjeevi mania hits Andhra”

Ekta Kapoor makes mockery of Mahabharata

AFTER THE recent success of the new ’Ramayana’ on NDTV Imagine, this week Ekta Kapoor’s ’Mahabharata’ went on air on 9X. There was so much publicity and emphasis on the recreation of the older version that I decided to watch its first episode. To my surprise, it started with ’Draupadi cheerharan’, which looked like aContinue reading “Ekta Kapoor makes mockery of Mahabharata”

A Tribute to Legendary Pancham Da

THIS MAN revolutionised the Indian music in late 60s. His style, technique and innovations are still followed in Bollywood. His hip and energetic youthful compositions became a cult in the film industry and his partnership with Asha Bhonsle and Kishore Kumar set new standards in Hindi music. Every time you switch on the radio orContinue reading “A Tribute to Legendary Pancham Da”

The demise of Appu Ghar

All good things must come to an end and so did the Appu Ghar. The 15.5 acres amusement park is being brought down to be replaced by the Delhi Metro. Appu Ghar maybe no more, but the nostalgic memories of this magical park will last forever. In the evergreen debate between the Mumbaikars and theContinue reading “The demise of Appu Ghar”

Is the celebration of Valentine’s Day against the Indian Culture?

The meeting of the Orient and the Occident will always produce a spark. Valentine’s Day is just not a day restricted to the West, Love is a global language and everyone who is in love ought to celebrate this day for love knows no barriers. Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great fervour all across theContinue reading “Is the celebration of Valentine’s Day against the Indian Culture?”

This New Year; Dont Drink and Drive

It is that time of the year when every city’s uber chic party animals are all set to ring in the New Year. Some will be flocking to the pubs, whereas the others will be enjoying exclusive performances by actresses at five star hotels. But one thing is for sure there will be drinks flowingContinue reading “This New Year; Dont Drink and Drive”

Taare Zameen Par: A Movie that could change your life

Rarely do you come across a movie in which the audience applauds at the end. Well, here’s one that received a standing ovation. Taare Zameen Par has emerged as the best movie of the year.