Mayawati: Vision of Development and Handbag!

MAYAWATI’S STATUE-BUILDING spree has been termed as a demonstration of her narcissism. Remember that Uttar Pradesh  is one of the most underdeveloped states in the country. In the last assembly elections, the people of Uttar Pradesh had given their Behenji an entire term to rule them. They believed in her “Sarv Jan Hitay Sarv JanContinue reading “Mayawati: Vision of Development and Handbag!”

Always a blind spot

I look at the rhetoric surrounding Elections 2009 and wonder – has any political party promised to improve the state of the environment for you and me? Or thought about our right to fresh air or clean water – commodities that have become a rarity in an urbanising India? Over the past few weeks I’veContinue reading “Always a blind spot”

Biofuels: The answer to India’s energy crisis

Bio fuels are being increasingly used as a climate friendly source of energy as opposed to other energy production methods. Bio fuels are derived from plants and emit less carbon dioxide and hence result in less green house effect. Bio fuels have been an important source of energy in the United States of America, BrazilContinue reading “Biofuels: The answer to India’s energy crisis”

Mumbai Rains: Wake up BMC..!!!

Yes it’s raining….and everyone is enjoying that. It’s the blessing of rain God who came down for the rescue of Mumbaikars from the sweating summer. But since every coin has two faces, so when it comes for Mumbai rains , there are lots of problem.Trains, traffics, low-lying areas, schools and colleges suffer and more thanContinue reading “Mumbai Rains: Wake up BMC..!!!”

Rag pickers in modern day India

THE RAG pickers are as much a part of our society as we are. Just that they do not have the most respected or a dignified nine to five job. It’s a rag picker’s pride that he is not a beggar or a thief. You will find them almost every where scavenging the garbage cansContinue reading “Rag pickers in modern day India”

Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Investment Vs Justice

BHOPAL, THE capital city of Madhya Pradesh, is also known as the centre of the ’biggest industrial disaster’ or the ‘Hiroshima of chemical industry’. On December 3, 1984, a union carbide pesticide producing plant leaked highly toxic cloud of methyl isocyanate into the air of a densely populated region of Bhopal. Of the 800,000 peopleContinue reading “Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Investment Vs Justice”

India today. Its been 60 years. Right??

Pride in being an Indian, nostalgia for what it must have been like in those heady days ahead of August 15th 1947. Looking at sepia-tinted images of Rajpath on the day India achieved freedom, one can imagine the frenzied crowds, the sense of utter joy at being a free nation. We take freedom for grantedContinue reading “India today. Its been 60 years. Right??”

A Truth little inconvenient…

I was though never insensitive to the critical and burning issue of environmental hazards, but the subject didn’t merit enough attention to put an extra effort in creative awareness. I used to really get agitated when I would see long processions of school children jamming the road. The scene was never a soothing one toContinue reading “A Truth little inconvenient…”

Nano: The cheapest car in the World!

‘Innovation and Evolution’ were the Words echoing at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi as Ratan Tata dramatically unveiled the much awaited People’s Car a the 9th Auto Expo. ‘A Quest to conquer, a conquest for leadership and a conquest for achieving new avenues. Ratan Tata’s dream, his vision, his people’s car which every Indian can affordContinue reading “Nano: The cheapest car in the World!”

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