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Swine Flu panic in India!

Last week, I returned from a week long vacation with my family to Mumbai, away from work pressure. Instead of cherishing the memories of a week long break I was quarreling within with “Emotional Flu”. Yes, I was down with fever and did have a travel history but were those symptoms enough to prove IContinue reading “Swine Flu panic in India!”

Sex education for Children, education for Politicians.

Over the past decade,there has been a desperate need for a system to better cope the children with the rising approachability of the internet nuisance, but expert advise to reduce ignorance amongst the innocent children has found stiff resistance from the restrictive mindset of the political arena.There is urgent attempt from the politicians to ban sex education from school,basing their thoughts on the grounds of culture and traditional lineage.Let the youth take charge and address the importance of sex education for a better and healthy tomorrow.

The IIT incident: A result of persistent blind eyes

The recent incident at IIT was very visibly a result of blinded authorities. It had an implied reaction from the students in the form of very violent protests which led to self-resignations of the Director & the Dean. This and whatever post-incident action that is going to be delivered are very obvious reactive actions from the authorities, but a question that still finds an answer for itself is that when will the authorities of premier institutes and organisations take proactive measures towards the safety and well-being of their members?

Need to enhance medical competence to handle crisis

Many steps have been taken to improve the security of the country ever since the Mumbai attack to counter similar situation in the future. It is time to introspect the weaknesses in our system and try to plug the same to avoid such occurrence.

Urban youth most vulnerable to HIV & AIDS

HIV/AIDS in India has reached to a figure close to 2-3 million. The government and various other NGOs are trying their best to control the numbers. But a gloomy picture has been emerging from the IT/BPO sectors of India.
I was doing some research and reading articles on internet on the same topic for last few days when I came across few real accounts. I was perplexed by the same.

Obesity Epidemic in India

OBESITY IS a condition in which there is excessive accumulation of the fat in the body. Some years back it was restricted to affluent countries where per capita income was high, physical activity was low and and foods high in saturated fat and sugar were freely available. But with the dynamic growth in last decadeContinue reading “Obesity Epidemic in India”

Welcome to a smoke free world

The Health ministry’s decision to ban smoking in public places comes into effect from today. The law is simple, you may buy cigarettes but you can not light them up in any public place else you will have to cough up a Rs. 200 fine. Welcome to a smoke and tobacco free atmosphere. This GandhiContinue reading “Welcome to a smoke free world”

Government says its criminal to be Gay

The decision taken by the union government of not to scrap the Section 377 of the Indian Penal code which considers homosexuality to be a criminal offense has come as a huge setback to the Gay community and the human rights groups supporting their cause. The law against homosexuals in India states, “Whoever voluntarily hasContinue reading “Government says its criminal to be Gay”

Keeping heart diseases at bay on World Heart Day

On 28th September, the World Heart Day let us understand the symptoms and the causes of all Heart diseases that affect more than a million people in India every year and accounts for almost twenty million deaths every year all over the world. The theme of the World Heart federation for the year 2008 isContinue reading “Keeping heart diseases at bay on World Heart Day”