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Are you a victim of BOSS?

Software engineers, call centre executives and thousands of youngsters are increasingly falling prey to BOSS these days. BOSS or Burn out stress syndrome is a medical condition occurring in people who work for long hours and in unusual working shifts. Burnout can actually occur to anyone who has had long term exhaustion or has beenContinue reading “Are you a victim of BOSS?”

After Bihar, floods set to hit Orissa

A Flood warning and high alert has been sounded in several districts of Orissa, as severe floods are set to hit Orissa. With torrential rainfall in the catchment area of Mahanadi river and Hirakud dam crest gates open, the situation could get worse. If the havoc created in Bihar by the Kosi river was notContinue reading “After Bihar, floods set to hit Orissa”

Race for survival begins in Flood hit Bihar

It is said that every major tragedy gets the best out of people and the worst. The statement couldn’t have bee more apt for the situation in Bihar where the scarcity of food has triggered an ugly race for survival as people went on to loot a relief camp in Madhepura. In the worst tragedyContinue reading “Race for survival begins in Flood hit Bihar”

A Mothers Plea for Abortion rejected by High Court

In a landmark ruling by the Bombay High Court on Monday, the abortion plea of Haresh and Niketa Mehta was rejected. Niketa Mehta was twenty five weeks pregnant but the doctors had advised her that her to be child could face problems after birth. But the ruling given by the High Court makes us questionContinue reading “A Mothers Plea for Abortion rejected by High Court”

Six year old’s family devastated in Ahmedabad Blasts

Every time there is a Blast, hundreds of innocents are left dead. Whenever there is an act of terror, it is the common man that faces the brunt. Here’s a story of a six year old in Ahmedabad whose family has been devastated in the blasts tragedy. At the blast outside the Civil hospital inContinue reading “Six year old’s family devastated in Ahmedabad Blasts”

Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Investment Vs Justice

BHOPAL, THE capital city of Madhya Pradesh, is also known as the centre of the ’biggest industrial disaster’ or the ‘Hiroshima of chemical industry’. On December 3, 1984, a union carbide pesticide producing plant leaked highly toxic cloud of methyl isocyanate into the air of a densely populated region of Bhopal. Of the 800,000 peopleContinue reading “Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Investment Vs Justice”

Why Dr Binayak Sen must be released

Dr Binayak Sen seems to have caught the imagination of the mainstream media in India at last. But one has to remember that he has spent a year in a Chhattisgarh jail. An international award by the Global Heath Council named after Jonathan Mann to Dr Sen for his untiring work in the field ofContinue reading “Why Dr Binayak Sen must be released”

Condoms and their Contribution to India’s Development.

CONDOM OR Nirodh is one word, which is still not being used in our society openly but with the problem of population bomb looming over India and AIDS control programme, have got wide recognition and a large number of people are open to the word Nirodh or condom. Nirodh, meaning protection was the brainchild ofContinue reading “Condoms and their Contribution to India’s Development.”

Are we ready to welcome the World?

A popular series of advertisements running on TV show foreigners learning Hindi and getting ready for India. For a country to be an attractive destination, it’s cities need to be on par with the best in the World. But, are we ready to welcome the world? Another advertisement of the Aditya Birla Group says IndiaContinue reading “Are we ready to welcome the World?”

Punjab, Haryana finally wake up to female infanticide

THE HAND that rocks the cradle, rules the world! Marilyn Monroe was asked how does she feel being a part of a man’s world. She said as long as I am a woman in it, I don’t see a problem. Alas, if she were an Indian girl, her reply would have been different. Welcome toContinue reading “Punjab, Haryana finally wake up to female infanticide”