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Arjun Singh Determined to Dilute “Educational Standards”

THE “ARJUN storm” is ready to defame prestigious educational institutes of India. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is the only technical institution of excellence in India, which has created a global brand in the last 60 years. As if quota in the topmost institutes was not enough, Human Resource Development (HRD) minister, Arjun Singh, hasContinue reading “Arjun Singh Determined to Dilute “Educational Standards””

India has no credentials to pontificate!

The disparity between the two sides of India is appalling, to say the least. One side is witnessing sky-rocketing growth, while the other side is ebbing away. The India of today needs to be transformed into a powerful ‘people’s India of tomorrow’. RECENTLY, FORBES came out with a list of the richest billionaires in theContinue reading “India has no credentials to pontificate!”

Water Conservation: Need of Hour

WATER IS ephemeral and though we see it everywhere, we have still not realised the importance of water in our daily lives. We continue to waste water and now we are standing on the verge of a severe crisis. As I was writing this, I came across the news of water riots in Bundelkhand. TheContinue reading “Water Conservation: Need of Hour”

The demise of Appu Ghar

All good things must come to an end and so did the Appu Ghar. The 15.5 acres amusement park is being brought down to be replaced by the Delhi Metro. Appu Ghar maybe no more, but the nostalgic memories of this magical park will last forever. In the evergreen debate between the Mumbaikars and theContinue reading “The demise of Appu Ghar”

Are we ready to welcome the World?

A popular series of advertisements running on TV show foreigners learning Hindi and getting ready for India. For a country to be an attractive destination, it’s cities need to be on par with the best in the World. But, are we ready to welcome the world? Another advertisement of the Aditya Birla Group says IndiaContinue reading “Are we ready to welcome the World?”

An open Letter to politicians of UP and Bihar

Well in one of my articles “Political games being played all over”, i mentioned reasons about large scale migration from UP and Bihar. I was lacking some figures which i got in today’s HT Counterpoint written by Vir Sanghvi on page 10. Here is an excerpt from that article. My suspicion is that the disdainContinue reading “An open Letter to politicians of UP and Bihar”

The Enemy Within

PRIME MINISTER Manmohan Singh had described the Maoists guerillas or Naxalites as the biggest threat to internal security in 2006 and last year in December, he advocated the need to set up a special force to eliminate “the virus”. The Naxalites are spreading like wildfire in the country. A decade ago they were active onlyContinue reading “The Enemy Within”

The Retail Rush has just begun

An industry that has caught the eye of the common man at almost every turning on the road is the Retail Industry, A young thriving population and booming consumer confidence has triggered the expansion of this sector and brought about the Retail Rush.  The Indian economy is booming and the boom has triggered a newContinue reading “The Retail Rush has just begun”

Anecdote on Thackerays

I remember it was about five years ago, when Shiv Sena resorted to violence on “The sons of the soils” issue. The “Marathi Manoos” took laws into their own hand. The Thackeray brothers beat up the North Indians from UP and Bihar coming to take the railway recruitment board exams. They went on record toContinue reading “Anecdote on Thackerays”