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Kasab: A National Hero????????

FOR SOMETIME now, I am really wondering that when wills this case of Ajmal Kasab will end. I don’t see it ending in near future. I was always of a view that we should try him at court and not to hang him without a trial. But the snail pace of judiciary is making mockeryContinue reading “Kasab: A National Hero????????”

26/11 Mumbai Attack: Scam in procuring Bullet Proof Jackets for Police?

The bullet proof jackets procured for Mumbai Police were of low quality. This allegation has been levied by the opposition and media on Government of Maharshtra post 26/11 attack on the financial capital of India, Mumbai. A reply given by Mumbai police to an RTI application seeking the information on bullet proof jackets used by MumbaiContinue reading “26/11 Mumbai Attack: Scam in procuring Bullet Proof Jackets for Police?”

Bihar Transformed

On the morning of counting day, driving through rain and the blossoms of Laburnum and Gulmohar in Patna, I was surprised to find that the road outside Nitish’s residence deserted. For a moment I assumed the other news channels had decided to skip the early morning slightly pointless pre results dispatches, till I walked aContinue reading “Bihar Transformed”

70,00,000 Crores Indian Rupees In Swiss Bank….wat a great achievement….!!!!

Our Indians’ Money – 70,00,000 Crores Rupees In Swiss Bank* 1) Yes, 70 lakhs crores rupees of India are lying in Switzerland banks. This is the highest amount lying outside any country, from amongst 180 countries of the world, as if India is the champion of Black Money. 2) German Government has officially written toContinue reading “70,00,000 Crores Indian Rupees In Swiss Bank….wat a great achievement….!!!!”

Let not ‘BJP ka Gandhi’ get away easily

In the backlanes of Uttar Pradesh, Varun Feroze Gandhi is referred to as the “BJP ka Gandhi”. It’s a reference indicative of what’s been perhaps the 29-year-old poet-politician’s central dilemma in life so far: the struggle to carve an independent identity for himself outside of the Nehru-Gandhi legacy. His cousin, Rahul, has been bequeathed theContinue reading “Let not ‘BJP ka Gandhi’ get away easily”

Should there be Death Penalty for Rapists??

ANOTHER RAPE incident has come in light in Delhi/NCR. The rape of MBA student in Noida just shows the helplessness of our legal system. I have always felt that the basic reason why the rapists are not afraid of committing the crime is the loopholes in our legal process. As it is our judiciary walksContinue reading “Should there be Death Penalty for Rapists??”

A dissection of section 49-O of the Conduct of Election Rules

Lately, there has been a buzz over the section 49-O of The Conduct of Election Rules, 1961 on blogs, newspapers, email forwards and microblogs.
A discussion on twitter ended up into a complete dissection of the rule. Here are excerpts of the discussion.

Sati still prevalent in India

The Indian society might have progresses and move forward but the social evil of Sati continues to haunt us. The shocking incident of a seventy one year old woman performing Sati in Chattisgarh a few days back is an eye opener for all of us. The practice of Sati has been a part of ourContinue reading “Sati still prevalent in India”

No more Exit Polls?

The Union Cabinet’s recent decision could sound the death knell for Exit Polls in India as the government has decided that the results of the exit polls will have to be withheld till the last phase of the polling of elections is completely over. The decision was taken for many political parties had been againstContinue reading “No more Exit Polls?”