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Reforming Education Part 2

John F Kenedy once said that “All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.” But there is no denying that our education system does not provides an equal opportunity to all. The coaching institutes about which i mentioned in my last postContinue reading “Reforming Education Part 2”

Pakistan will have to pay a heavy price: MJ Akbar

M J Akbar is one of India’s best-known journalists and commentators, someone with a deep insight into the Indian people and their mindset. In this first-person, as-told-to piece, Akbar discusses the Mumbai attacks and their relevance for India. (via Rediff)

RBI slashes CRR by 0.5 percent

The Reserve Bank of India had decided to slash the Cash reserve ratio ( CRR ) by half a percent or 50 basis points thus bringing it down to 8.5%. The move is to release cash into the system and banks will find it easier to lend to borrowers. Manic Monday saw the Sensex crashingContinue reading “RBI slashes CRR by 0.5 percent”

Did the CBI mess up in the Arushi Murder case?

The case of a brutal murder of young Arushi Talwar and her servant Hemraj in Delhi had made the entire nation sit up and take notice. Three months have passed since, but the CBI was unable to gather enough evidence against the prime suspects. The Indian premier investigative agency the Central Bureau of investigation hasContinue reading “Did the CBI mess up in the Arushi Murder case?”