Why Indian students go abroad?

Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge or Yale? A dilemma of Atlantic proportions for the Indian students for these universities not only have the patina of history and heritage attached to them but also offer a wide array of opportunities in todays world. There has been a growing trend of Indian students going abroad for education. In theContinue reading “Why Indian students go abroad?”

Kapil Dev commisioned into the Indian Army

Beginning a new innings in his life, India’s favourite cricketing hero and world cup winning captain of 1983, Kapil Dev was commissioned into the Indian army in the 150 TA (Infantry) battalion of the Punjab Regiment as an honorary lieutenant colonel. Known as the Haryana Hurricane, this great Indian all rounder was born in ChandigarhContinue reading “Kapil Dev commisioned into the Indian Army”

What is Patriotism?

THE NATION celebrating its 61st Independence Day. India’s struggle for Independence is a saga of those thousands of men, women and even children who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the nation. And so by celebrating Independence Day, a homage is paid to all those who fought to bring Independence to our country. ButContinue reading “What is Patriotism?”

15th August: Happy Independence Day!

They fought for your freedom. There were million of people who gave their everything for our freedom. As an obliged national, this is my tribute on behalf of our targetgenx team to  those great souls. Here we have collected the photographs of few of them. Happy Independence Day! Mangal Pandey Rani Laxmi Bai Mahatma GandhiContinue reading “15th August: Happy Independence Day!”

Are we happy and fit as a nation?

Just when we were wringing our hands at the prospect of a blank medal tally at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Abhinav Bindra hit gold. Certainly, the gloom has lifted. But this is actually the perfect time to ask an unsavoury question: should we allow our sporting self-esteem to be linked solely to what a handfulContinue reading “Are we happy and fit as a nation?”

How Cool is “Being Cool”?

A DANGEROUS trend is engulfing the country’s youth. This trend can be attributed to the technology, influence of west, lack of morality, etc. This dangerous trend is being ’cool’. This word is very subjective and its meaning has changed over the years. What was not considered ’cool’ few years back is the only ’cool’ thingContinue reading “How Cool is “Being Cool”?”

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