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G7 nations vow to stop financial crisis

The world’s seven largest economies finance ministers and central bank governors met in Washington and have agreed to do whatever they can in order to tackle the financial crisis which has spread and threatens to take the entire world into recession. The G7 countries were in agreement that the current financial meltdown all over theContinue reading “G7 nations vow to stop financial crisis”

No more Exit Polls?

The Union Cabinet’s recent decision could sound the death knell for Exit Polls in India as the government has decided that the results of the exit polls will have to be withheld till the last phase of the polling of elections is completely over. The decision was taken for many political parties had been againstContinue reading “No more Exit Polls?”

Bush signs Nuclear deal

“It is a Big Deal”. When the whole of India slept on Thursday morning, George Bush signed the legislation to implement the Indo-US Nuclear deal in the White House.  The legislation marks a historic deal that took more then three years in the making. George Bush was all smiles as he signed the legislation confirmingContinue reading “Bush signs Nuclear deal”

A bomb safety costume kit: Best Eid gift in Pakistan

Pakistan may be in a terror grip brought about by terrorists and militants but the people of the land of Pakistan have not lost their sense of humour with a ‘Bomb safety costume kit’ being a favoured gift idea at the occasion of Eid this year. Pakistan continues to be in turmoil, even after MusharrafContinue reading “A bomb safety costume kit: Best Eid gift in Pakistan”

Zardari admits miltiants in Kashmir are terrorists

Former Pakistan leaders have always been accused of not accepting facts, but current Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari in a candid interview admitted that the militants operating in Kashmir were indeed terrorists and a major threat. In an interview made to Wall Street Journal, Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari frankly said that India is notContinue reading “Zardari admits miltiants in Kashmir are terrorists”

Morgan Goldman drop all investments

In what may be the defining moment of banking in America, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs- the last of the two largest surviving banks in America decided to abandon all investments and become bank holding companies in order to remain in business. If after the fall of Lehmann Brothers and the buy out of MerrillContinue reading “Morgan Goldman drop all investments”

Pakistan troops open fire on american choppers

American helicopters flew into Pakistan in the Pakistan Afghanistan militant infested border but had to return as Pakistani troops opened fire on them. Earlier fifteen people were killed in aerial strikes carried out by America on September 3rd. Though Pakistan is a key ally of America in its fight against terror, but the recent shootingContinue reading “Pakistan troops open fire on american choppers”

Is the celebration of Valentine’s Day against the Indian Culture?

The meeting of the Orient and the Occident will always produce a spark. Valentine’s Day is just not a day restricted to the West, Love is a global language and everyone who is in love ought to celebrate this day for love knows no barriers. Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great fervour all across theContinue reading “Is the celebration of Valentine’s Day against the Indian Culture?”