We’re even more racist than Aussies

The attacks on Indians in Australia have once again raised the ugly head of racism. Once again India is caught up in the midst of a racist storm. A while ago, the Big Brother controversy launched Shilpa Shetty as an international anti-racism icon from India. This is entirely appropriate as Indians are arguably the biggestContinue reading “We’re even more racist than Aussies”

Views of an Australian professor

Prof. Isaac Balbin is a programme director and professor at the school of computer science and IT at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.
A regular visitor to India and a mentor to lots of overseas education seekers in India, Prof. Balkin expresses his views about the recent incidences in Australia.
As @Asfaq terms it, this is one of the most sensible & practical posts we have yet read about the issue.
This post was originally published in Indian Express (found via @Asfaq)

Gambhir and Laxman put India in a commandable position

Gautam Gambhir and VVS Laxman’s knock of double hundreds have out India in command in third test at Delhi. Now Australia can only at best think of drawing the game, thus losing all hopes of winning the four match series against India. After winning the toss and electing to bat, Kumble could not have expectedContinue reading “Gambhir and Laxman put India in a commandable position”

Why Indian students go abroad?

Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge or Yale? A dilemma of Atlantic proportions for the Indian students for these universities not only have the patina of history and heritage attached to them but also offer a wide array of opportunities in todays world. There has been a growing trend of Indian students going abroad for education. In theContinue reading “Why Indian students go abroad?”

Ganguly: A glittering career comes to an end

Whatever may be the reasons for Sourav Ganguly’s retirement, it is time we all stood up in admiration of one of the greatest Indian cricketers and lets just hope that he goes out with a big bang as he had entered the world of cricket in 1996. Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan and Sourav Ganguly haveContinue reading “Ganguly: A glittering career comes to an end”

Indian media hail CB Series Victory.

Indian newspapers have hailed the country’s cricket team’s one-day series victory over Australia. India lost two of their first three games in the series, including one against Sri Lanka, who lost last April’s World Cup final to Australia. But the team battled back to pip Sri Lanka for a place in the best-of-three finals series,Continue reading “Indian media hail CB Series Victory.”

The Controversial Australian Summers!

‘AUSTRALIAN SUMMERS’ is coming to an end. This summer, we have witnessed a fierce competition between bat and ball. Indian Cricket team has challenged the supremacy of Australia and has been reasonably successful as well. The test series started with Australia on a winning streak that continued till Sydney Cricket Test match. Then India cameContinue reading “The Controversial Australian Summers!”

ICC and not Indians is racist

RACISM HAS many definitions, the most common and widely accepted being the belief that human beings are divided into more than one race, with members of some races being intrinsically superior or inferior to members of other races. As racism carries references to race-based prejudice, violence, or oppression, the term has varying and often hotlyContinue reading “ICC and not Indians is racist”

In the Loving Memory of Gentleman’s Game that died in Sydney on January 6th, 2008

The second Test at the SCG has been full of controversies, and many minutes of air time and centimetres of newspaper space have been devoted to them, especially the umpiring errors. Indians played remarkably well and especially captain Kumble stood ground and set an example. The test result is an agony. The Indians did notContinue reading “In the Loving Memory of Gentleman’s Game that died in Sydney on January 6th, 2008”

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