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A dissection of section 49-O of the Conduct of Election Rules

Lately, there has been a buzz over the section 49-O of The Conduct of Election Rules, 1961 on blogs, newspapers, email forwards and microblogs.
A discussion on twitter ended up into a complete dissection of the rule. Here are excerpts of the discussion.

Obesity Epidemic in India

OBESITY IS a condition in which there is excessive accumulation of the fat in the body. Some years back it was restricted to affluent countries where per capita income was high, physical activity was low and and foods high in saturated fat and sugar were freely available. But with the dynamic growth in last decadeContinue reading “Obesity Epidemic in India”

The Demise of Parallel Cinema

Cinema was born out of the impetus to represent the reality in a more convincing manner. After the nation gained independence, the cinema focused on post colonial issues such as poverty, illiteracy and unjustified social system. Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Shanta Ram and Sohrab Modi were the few directors who made cinema pertaining to theContinue reading “The Demise of Parallel Cinema”

Mr Raj Thackeray has done a commendable job

Mr Raj Thackeray has done a commendable job. surprised!!!!! well let me explain.I have been living in Mumbai for past 3 and half years. And in these past 3 and half years I have seen 3 major incidence of violence against people of Bihar. Let us take them one by one. 1)The 1st one wasContinue reading “Mr Raj Thackeray has done a commendable job”

Indian Subcontinent after 61 years

INDIA WAS divided in 1947. Sixty one years have passed since then, but still the countries of the subcontinent especially Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have still not been able to deal with their internal problems and security issues. British divided India into Dominion of Pakistan and Union of India before leaving the country. This wasContinue reading “Indian Subcontinent after 61 years”

Ekta Kapoor makes mockery of Mahabharata

AFTER THE recent success of the new ’Ramayana’ on NDTV Imagine, this week Ekta Kapoor’s ’Mahabharata’ went on air on 9X. There was so much publicity and emphasis on the recreation of the older version that I decided to watch its first episode. To my surprise, it started with ’Draupadi cheerharan’, which looked like aContinue reading “Ekta Kapoor makes mockery of Mahabharata”

India Starving on Mountain of Grains

The economists have predicted a growth rate of over nine per cent for India in the years to come. It is heartening to see that we are making progress. But one thing that I am unsure of is the implication of this growth rate. Statistics and numbers are like mini skirts; they reveal a lotContinue reading “India Starving on Mountain of Grains”

Vivekananda and Education in India

Today is Death Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. The society is inflicted from few serious crimes. We are witnessing more rapes, molestations, serial killings, drug addiction, school children killing their classmates, etc. The more surprising thing is that the children of affluent families and are also indulging in such crimes. There can be numerous reasons behindContinue reading “Vivekananda and Education in India”

Rag pickers in modern day India

THE RAG pickers are as much a part of our society as we are. Just that they do not have the most respected or a dignified nine to five job. It’s a rag picker’s pride that he is not a beggar or a thief. You will find them almost every where scavenging the garbage cansContinue reading “Rag pickers in modern day India”