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Budget 2008: An Overview

Budget 2008 will the fifth and final budget of the UPA government.With both UPA and NDA gearing up for the general elections in 2009,the demands to make the budget compatible with the ruling party’s political calculations are natural. Political compulsions to present a people-friendly budget will deter finance minister P Chidambaram from taking far-reaching measures.Continue reading “Budget 2008: An Overview”

Taj Mahal refuses American Dollars

The Taj Mahal, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and a symbol of eternal love in Agra, has recently announced that it would not accept dollars from visitors. The Taj is the most visited tourist destination in India. Currently about 30 lakh visitors visit this holy shrine every year and this numberContinue reading “Taj Mahal refuses American Dollars”

Agriculture seeks another green revolution

The original green revolution of 1960s was supposed to save 58 million hectares land. Today, 120 million of the 142 million cultivable hectare land, over twice the magnitude that the green revolution attempted to save in 60s, is degraded. In the state of Punjab, 84 out of the 138 developmental blocks are recorded as havingContinue reading “Agriculture seeks another green revolution”