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Nathuram Godse: A Fanatic or a Nationalist?

Today is January 30. It was on this day in the year 1948 that Mahatma Gandhi was killed by Nathuram Godse at 5:17pm when Gandhiji was leaving for evening prayers. To commemorate the death of ‘Father of Nation,’ this day is observed as martyr’s day to remember all the martyrs who died during the freedom struggle and after the independence. A two-minute silence in memory of the martyrs is observed throughout the country at 11am.

For the last few days I was just reading few things on Nathuram Godse. I wanted to know what he thought of Gandhi as a person and what motivated him to kill such a great person?

Gandhi Jayanti: The Mahatma is still alive

MAHATMA GANDHI had said, “There are many causes that I am prepared to die for but no causes that I am prepared to kill for.” This was the difference between the Mahatma and his assassin. But, more than sixty years since his death the Mahatma is still alive. This Gandhi Jayanti (October 2nd ) letContinue reading “Gandhi Jayanti: The Mahatma is still alive”

Has the Indian Youth forgotten our first war of independence?

A survey carried out in various cities of India has revealed that today’s youths have forgotten its history and have no idea about what happened in the year 1857. For some, it signifies a car’s number plate. While for others, it’s a year when riots took place. There are those for whom dates don’t matterContinue reading “Has the Indian Youth forgotten our first war of independence?”

India today. Its been 60 years. Right??

Pride in being an Indian, nostalgia for what it must have been like in those heady days ahead of August 15th 1947. Looking at sepia-tinted images of Rajpath on the day India achieved freedom, one can imagine the frenzied crowds, the sense of utter joy at being a free nation. We take freedom for grantedContinue reading “India today. Its been 60 years. Right??”

Who should get Bharat Ratna?

INDIA HAS produced a legacy of brave hearts since times immemorial. Probably there is not enough space to measure their sacrifices. However, we cannot close our eyes to those people who have made our country proud by excelling in their own fields and bringing us international recognition. There is some controversy or the other associatedContinue reading “Who should get Bharat Ratna?”

Bose: The indefatigable fighter

Subhash Chandra Bose is one of the few heroes of history who left the deepest impression on the minds of the people of India within a short span of his charismatic life. He was born on January 23,1897 at Cuttack in Orissa. His father Janaki Nath Bose was a famous lawyer and his mother PrabhavatiContinue reading “Bose: The indefatigable fighter”