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Bose: Still a mystery

More than 60 years have passed and India is still clueless about the man who gave his blood to secure freedom for the country. As an individual, I may like or dislike Netaji but it is my right to know what actually happened to him. How he died and where? His body was never recovered and many theories have been put forward concerning his possible survival.

The Demise of Parallel Cinema

Cinema was born out of the impetus to represent the reality in a more convincing manner. After the nation gained independence, the cinema focused on post colonial issues such as poverty, illiteracy and unjustified social system. Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Shanta Ram and Sohrab Modi were the few directors who made cinema pertaining to theContinue reading “The Demise of Parallel Cinema”

Exclusive: SIMI chief’s shocking revelations

From a moderate start to a dreaded terror outfit, the Students Islamic Movement of India has come a long way. Though the theories attached to the shift in stance by SIMI are relatively old, Safdar Nagori, the most prominent face of the banned outfit, said in his confession statement before the Madhya Pradesh police thatContinue reading “Exclusive: SIMI chief’s shocking revelations”

15th August: Happy Independence Day!

They fought for your freedom. There were million of people who gave their everything for our freedom. As an obliged national, this is my tribute on behalf of our targetgenx team to  those great souls. Here we have collected the photographs of few of them. Happy Independence Day! Mangal Pandey Rani Laxmi Bai Mahatma GandhiContinue reading “15th August: Happy Independence Day!”

Indian Subcontinent after 61 years

INDIA WAS divided in 1947. Sixty one years have passed since then, but still the countries of the subcontinent especially Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have still not been able to deal with their internal problems and security issues. British divided India into Dominion of Pakistan and Union of India before leaving the country. This wasContinue reading “Indian Subcontinent after 61 years”

Vivekananda and Education in India

Today is Death Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. The society is inflicted from few serious crimes. We are witnessing more rapes, molestations, serial killings, drug addiction, school children killing their classmates, etc. The more surprising thing is that the children of affluent families and are also indulging in such crimes. There can be numerous reasons behindContinue reading “Vivekananda and Education in India”

Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Investment Vs Justice

BHOPAL, THE capital city of Madhya Pradesh, is also known as the centre of the ’biggest industrial disaster’ or the ‘Hiroshima of chemical industry’. On December 3, 1984, a union carbide pesticide producing plant leaked highly toxic cloud of methyl isocyanate into the air of a densely populated region of Bhopal. Of the 800,000 peopleContinue reading “Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Investment Vs Justice”

IHF Suspended- A Welcome Move

K P S Gill’s 15-year tenure as the hockey boss came to an unceremonious end with the Indian Olympic Association removing him by suspending the IHF and appointing an ad-hoc committee, headed by former Olympian Aslam Sher Khan. The ‘unanimous’ decision to suspend IHF was taken at an emergency meeting called by the IOA followingContinue reading “IHF Suspended- A Welcome Move”

Aaj Ka Arjun: Piggybacking the Indian Reservations

Eighteen years can be an eternity in politics: on September, 6, 1990, a stirring speech was made in parliament criticising the Mandal commission report. “If you believe in a casteless society, every major step you take must be such that you move towards a casteless society. And you must avoid taking any steps which takesContinue reading “Aaj Ka Arjun: Piggybacking the Indian Reservations”

India today. Its been 60 years. Right??

Pride in being an Indian, nostalgia for what it must have been like in those heady days ahead of August 15th 1947. Looking at sepia-tinted images of Rajpath on the day India achieved freedom, one can imagine the frenzied crowds, the sense of utter joy at being a free nation. We take freedom for grantedContinue reading “India today. Its been 60 years. Right??”