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Jallianwala Bagh has to say something ….

I HOLD a very important place in the history of Indian freedom struggle. Most of you must know the history, but very few of you know the exact facts. Ninety years ago, India was fighting for her independence. I still remember that day, April 10, 1919, when Dr Satyapal (Medicine) and Dr Saifuddin Kitchlew (lawyer)Continue reading “Jallianwala Bagh has to say something ….”

China: outsourcing policing to India and Nepal?

Tibetans and Indians of Tibetan origin have been protesting the occupation and repression of their land and culture in the past couple of weeks. Not that they did not protest for the past 50 years; just that no one really bothered to listen to them earlier, and with the summer Olympics approaching, obviously they areContinue reading “China: outsourcing policing to India and Nepal?”

Bhagat Singh-Sukhdev-Rajguru: 77th Anniversary of Martyrdom

March 23 is the death anniversary of one of the most heroic figures of the Indian freedom movement. Few people remember it, though. Forget the rest of India, even the children of the village where he was born, do not know anything about him. The Free Press Journal in its issue of 24th March 1931Continue reading “Bhagat Singh-Sukhdev-Rajguru: 77th Anniversary of Martyrdom”

Battle of Longewala: Truth must be told

THE BATTLE of Longewala is part of army folklore. This is a fairy tale of 100 odd soldiers and their steely resolve, which forced an entire Pakistani brigade, backed by an armoured regiment of 45 tanks, to retreat in the 1971 war. This fascinating story was also captured on celluloid in the film ‘Border’, directedContinue reading “Battle of Longewala: Truth must be told”

Condoms and their Contribution to India’s Development.

CONDOM OR Nirodh is one word, which is still not being used in our society openly but with the problem of population bomb looming over India and AIDS control programme, have got wide recognition and a large number of people are open to the word Nirodh or condom. Nirodh, meaning protection was the brainchild ofContinue reading “Condoms and their Contribution to India’s Development.”

Indo-US Nuclear Deal is DEAD?

HOW OFTEN we have seen the Indian cricket team being beaten in the game after getting on top of the opposition. The same thing is happening with the Indo-US nuclear deal, which was cleared by Senate in the United States and then Indian Prime Minister went on to risk his government to move forward withContinue reading “Indo-US Nuclear Deal is DEAD?”

Who should get Bharat Ratna?

INDIA HAS produced a legacy of brave hearts since times immemorial. Probably there is not enough space to measure their sacrifices. However, we cannot close our eyes to those people who have made our country proud by excelling in their own fields and bringing us international recognition. There is some controversy or the other associatedContinue reading “Who should get Bharat Ratna?”

Rest in Peace, Sir Edmund Hillary

My life is not so much stepping on top of a peak that has never been stepped on before, or traveling to the South Pole, but, rather more, the building of schools and medical clinics for the very worthy people of the Himalayas. -Sir Edmund Hillary It is indeed a shame that while we areContinue reading “Rest in Peace, Sir Edmund Hillary”

Modi “Especial” in Gujarat

Gujarat elections results are out. Unexpected or Expected? Incumbent Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi and the BJP won their third consecutive term in Gujarat. First and foremost, there is no getting away from the fact that this is an out and out Modi victory. Narendra Modi becomes even more strong in Gujarat (assuming that isContinue reading “Modi “Especial” in Gujarat”

Remembering Dada Moni on his 6th Death Anniversary

Ashok Kumar,the star that refuses to fade away. The legendary actor hummed and hammed his way into the hearts of millions of fans. This small man with a frail physique, winning smile and personality which breathed love and affection is a true legend.