Baljit Singh: The case of Life being Cruel!

LIFE CAN be cruel. Just when you start feeling that everything has fallen in place, the next moment something unexpected happens. The hard work you have put in becomes zilch in a moment. This is what has happened to star Indian hockey goalkeeper, Baljit Singh. Baljit sustained a career-threatening eye injury while he was practicingContinue reading “Baljit Singh: The case of Life being Cruel!”

The Revival of Indian Hockey: Finalist of Sultan Azlan Shah

The unexpected has happened in the Hockey. With all news coverage going to IPL, we have completely forgotten the Hockey being played somewhere. After missing the berth in Olympics this is some good news for hockey fans in the country. The ouster of KPS Gill has proved to be the lucky decision as India movedContinue reading “The Revival of Indian Hockey: Finalist of Sultan Azlan Shah”

IHF Suspended- A Welcome Move

K P S Gill’s 15-year tenure as the hockey boss came to an unceremonious end with the Indian Olympic Association removing him by suspending the IHF and appointing an ad-hoc committee, headed by former Olympian Aslam Sher Khan. The ‘unanimous’ decision to suspend IHF was taken at an emergency meeting called by the IOA followingContinue reading “IHF Suspended- A Welcome Move”

The Hockey Muddle

I DON’T know what is going on in the minds of hockey administrators worldwide. The Federation of International Hockey (FIH) recently said that India might loose the opportunity to host the 2010 world cup. The FIH is worried at India’s falling standards and despite devising a ‘Promoting Indian Hockey’ project, the country has failed toContinue reading “The Hockey Muddle”

Indian Hockey can bounce back

I WAS at the Bombay Hockey Association ground in Mumbai to meet a friend of mine who plays hockey at junior level when the news of India’s failure to qualify for the Olympics broke out. The players on the ground were stunned. I talked to my friend in the evening and he detailed me theContinue reading “Indian Hockey can bounce back”

Indian Hockey fails to Qualify for Beijing Olympics

Indian Hockey stooped to a new low when it failed to qualify for the Beijing Olympics to be held later this year. This is the first time in its history of 80 years that the Men’s Hockey team has failed to qualify for the event. Facing a do or die battle against Great Britain inContinue reading “Indian Hockey fails to Qualify for Beijing Olympics”

Heart Warming Story of a Caddie turned Golfer

A rags to riches story that should make every Indian proud. An unassuming Golfer from Kolkatta won the Indian Masters title at the Delhi Golf Club but the Media has been ignorant of it. A great inspiration story buried even before it can be told. In the first ever European level Tournament in India, itContinue reading “Heart Warming Story of a Caddie turned Golfer”

Happy days are here again for Indian Hockey

INDIAN HOCKEY had gone blind. Like a once-beautiful woman choosing to be oblivious to the havoc age had wrought on her, hockey had refused to acknowledge and arrest its decline. It was a free fall into an abyss. That’s Indian hockey for you — governed by a body conducting matters in a manner that couldContinue reading “Happy days are here again for Indian Hockey”

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