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An open Letter to politicians of UP and Bihar

Well in one of my articles “Political games being played all over”, i mentioned reasons about large scale migration from UP and Bihar. I was lacking some figures which i got in today’s HT Counterpoint written by Vir Sanghvi on page 10. Here is an excerpt from that article. My suspicion is that the disdainContinue reading “An open Letter to politicians of UP and Bihar”

Humiliation of a Kargil Hero

Kargil , the name, which was not, that heard of before the 1999 war, became a theme and a central point for national security. Not many of you remember the name “Sanjay Kumar”. He is not a youth icon, bollywood star, politician, industrialist but a soldier in Indian Army. Killing five enemy personnel, lifting aContinue reading “Humiliation of a Kargil Hero”