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ICC and not Indians is racist

RACISM HAS many definitions, the most common and widely accepted being the belief that human beings are divided into more than one race, with members of some races being intrinsically superior or inferior to members of other races. As racism carries references to race-based prejudice, violence, or oppression, the term has varying and often hotlyContinue reading “ICC and not Indians is racist”

In the Loving Memory of Gentleman’s Game that died in Sydney on January 6th, 2008

The second Test at the SCG has been full of controversies, and many minutes of air time and centimetres of newspaper space have been devoted to them, especially the umpiring errors. Indians played remarkably well and especially captain Kumble stood ground and set an example. The test result is an agony. The Indians did notContinue reading “In the Loving Memory of Gentleman’s Game that died in Sydney on January 6th, 2008”

Hang Bucknor and Benson!!

After the fourth day of the ongoing Sydney Test i was told by one of my friends that on the last day, the test match is interestingly poised with Australia having a slight edge. Given the present state of the game, the three possible results (An Aussie victory, a draw and an Indian victory) willContinue reading “Hang Bucknor and Benson!!”

Umpiring Blues: India Playing against 13 players!!

“Nothing gets the nation going like Cricket does.” But over the last few series i have noticed one thing that India is perhaps the only team which plays against 13 players in a cricket match. The poor umpiring decisions have hurt India a lot. This is quite disgusting when you love the game so muchContinue reading “Umpiring Blues: India Playing against 13 players!!”