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Dhoni plays it straight

India’s captain brings an uncomplicated, honest approach to cricket Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a forthright, straightforward cricketer unburdened by the baggage that generally accompanies a man onto the field, thereby restricting his outlook. At once he is intelligent and simple, aggressive and canny, tough and respectful. He did not come to cricket as a youthfulContinue reading “Dhoni plays it straight”

Why Indian students go abroad?

Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge or Yale? A dilemma of Atlantic proportions for the Indian students for these universities not only have the patina of history and heritage attached to them but also offer a wide array of opportunities in todays world. There has been a growing trend of Indian students going abroad for education. In theContinue reading “Why Indian students go abroad?”

Chandrayaan launched successfully

India’s first ever unmanned flight to the moon was launched successfully today at 6.22 am from the Satish Dhawan space research centre in Sriharikota. The launch was a successful one and Chandrayaan 1 is expected to be a four day journey. The launch of Chandrayaan 1 will mark the arrival of India in the bigContinue reading “Chandrayaan launched successfully”

No more Exit Polls?

The Union Cabinet’s recent decision could sound the death knell for Exit Polls in India as the government has decided that the results of the exit polls will have to be withheld till the last phase of the polling of elections is completely over. The decision was taken for many political parties had been againstContinue reading “No more Exit Polls?”

A bomb safety costume kit: Best Eid gift in Pakistan

Pakistan may be in a terror grip brought about by terrorists and militants but the people of the land of Pakistan have not lost their sense of humour with a ‘Bomb safety costume kit’ being a favoured gift idea at the occasion of Eid this year. Pakistan continues to be in turmoil, even after MusharrafContinue reading “A bomb safety costume kit: Best Eid gift in Pakistan”

Zardari admits miltiants in Kashmir are terrorists

Former Pakistan leaders have always been accused of not accepting facts, but current Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari in a candid interview admitted that the militants operating in Kashmir were indeed terrorists and a major threat. In an interview made to Wall Street Journal, Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari frankly said that India is notContinue reading “Zardari admits miltiants in Kashmir are terrorists”

Biofuels: The answer to India’s energy crisis

Bio fuels are being increasingly used as a climate friendly source of energy as opposed to other energy production methods. Bio fuels are derived from plants and emit less carbon dioxide and hence result in less green house effect. Bio fuels have been an important source of energy in the United States of America, BrazilContinue reading “Biofuels: The answer to India’s energy crisis”

How corrupt are we?

Corruption seems to be an endemic part of India as the latest report of Transparency International rates India as the 85th most corrupt country in the world but did we really need an international report to tell us as to how corrupt we are? New Zealand, Sweden and Denmark seem to be from a differentContinue reading “How corrupt are we?”

Can India ever be safe for tourists?

It could not have been a more shameful ‘World tourism day’ for the Indians, that a German tourist was kidnapped from outside a plush five star hotel in the heart of Chandigarh and was raped and molested by six unidentified people. Lakhs of tourists visit several parts of India every year. The Indian government mayContinue reading “Can India ever be safe for tourists?”

Gandhi Jayanti: The Mahatma is still alive

MAHATMA GANDHI had said, “There are many causes that I am prepared to die for but no causes that I am prepared to kill for.” This was the difference between the Mahatma and his assassin. But, more than sixty years since his death the Mahatma is still alive. This Gandhi Jayanti (October 2nd ) letContinue reading “Gandhi Jayanti: The Mahatma is still alive”