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Hindi is not our National Language – Setting things right

Hindi is not our National Language. OK. You have read it on the blog earlier. But, how many people around you know this fact? Just practically check it out. Ask people around you and you’ll know.
This is an initiative to spread this lesser known fact.

196 Languages Endangered in India

The world’ human languages are disappearing about as quickly as species are going extinct. There are almost 6,900 languages spoken in the world. Accodring to the latest report of United Nations 2,500 are now endangered. This is remarkable because in the last such census conducted in 2001, number of endangered language was only 900. TheContinue reading “196 Languages Endangered in India”

Yeh hai HINGLISHTAAN Meri Jaan!

A LANGUAGE is dying every two weeks somewhere in the world today. Half of the world’s languages may not be spoken in the next century. This is an extremely serious concern. Hindi is the second-largest language in the world, in number of speakers, after Mandarin Chinese. It’s the dominant language of India, which is alsoContinue reading “Yeh hai HINGLISHTAAN Meri Jaan!”