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Poltical Will required to curb terrorism

THE TERRORIST groups have waged a war against India. We have witnessed series of blasts in two cities of the country very recently. Our honourable home minister, Shivraj Patil took time from his busy schedule and went to see the victims in Ahmedabad. Thank you so much sir! Like his previous speeches he repeated theContinue reading “Poltical Will required to curb terrorism”

Should Organ Trade be legalised?

HUMAN ORGANS Transplant Act was enacted in 1994 and it put some curbs on the commercial trading of kidney. But it resurfaced in 1998 after discovery of organised rackets in Noida and Karnataka that year. The organ trafficking is not new to the world and India is considered to be one of the biggest centres.Continue reading “Should Organ Trade be legalised?”

Mumbai is for all.

The dogs in Mumbai have been unleashed once again by power hungry regional politicians. Petty ‘taxi drivers’,’chaat waalah’ and other poor vendors are being accused and abused physically in broad daylights, in the heart of financial capital of India, Mumbai. Indian newspapers are full of reports that North Indians (particularly those from the states ofContinue reading “Mumbai is for all.”

“Incredible India” notion is a SHAM

DESPITE REPORTS of increasing incidents of rape of foreign tourists at popular tourist sites, there seems to be clear apathy towards the whole issue of tourist safety in India. Already, several prominent countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada and France have issued warnings on the law and order situation here through the travel advisoriesContinue reading ““Incredible India” notion is a SHAM”