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The vanished fizz of the Mumbai Mayhem

It’s been a year since 10 young men without soul though, shook the financial capital of India. But has anything changed yet? Have our politicians who took moral responsibility of the attack and resigned done something concrete for beefing up the security of the nation? Chuck the selfish politicians. Have people realized their duties and taken some materialistic steps to protect the dignity of our motherland? Has the “Fizz” behavior which they showed by thronging roads of Gateway of India in lakhs on December 3, 2008 led to something substantial?

Same Witnesses in two different Blast Cases

There could be a case of fake witnesses as the two same men have been witnesses in the 2003 Gateway of India blast and the 7/11 blasts in 2006. Ashraf Ansari has written a letter to the Chief Justice saying that he is being framed by the Mumbai Police.   Mumbai has been rocked byContinue reading “Same Witnesses in two different Blast Cases”