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Mumbai needs a Bypass Surgery

A local train packed to capacity, with people hanging out of the doorway, and perched atop the train. This is a sight most Mumbaikars are well accustomed to. Efforts by the civic body to somehow reduce the congestion have so far been unfruitful. More trains have been introduced, the BEST (Brihan Mumbai Electric Supply andContinue reading “Mumbai needs a Bypass Surgery”

Mobocracy – At its best

“DON’T MAKE US SING JANA GANA MANA, JUST PLAY IT: CORPORATORS”, says “Mumbai Mirror” on its front page with a font size of 26/28 dated 23/10/2007. Below it, in a smaller font of size 18 reads the sub head line “TOO MANY MISTAKES IN THE NATIONAL ANTHEM WHEN WE SING IT, SAY CORPORATORS, ASK COMMISSIONERContinue reading “Mobocracy – At its best”