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Pakistan PM survives assassination bid

Pakistan prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani escaped an assassination bid in Rawalpindi as bullets were fired on the motorcade of the Pakistan prime minister. The Pakistan prime minister was on the way to Islamabad but escaped unhurt from the incident. In the next two days Pakistan is set to elect its new president after formerContinue reading “Pakistan PM survives assassination bid”

Indian Subcontinent after 61 years

INDIA WAS divided in 1947. Sixty one years have passed since then, but still the countries of the subcontinent especially Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have still not been able to deal with their internal problems and security issues. British divided India into Dominion of Pakistan and Union of India before leaving the country. This wasContinue reading “Indian Subcontinent after 61 years”

Ceasefire violation by Pakistan Soldiers on LOC

In yet another violation of ceasefire at the border, fifteen Pakistan soldiers went on to cross the Line of Control and opened fire at the Indian jawaans. One Indian jawaan and four Pakistan soldiers lost their lives in the round of firing. Fifteen Pakistan soldiers crossed the line of control in the Nowgaon sector ofContinue reading “Ceasefire violation by Pakistan Soldiers on LOC”

ICC and not Indians is racist

RACISM HAS many definitions, the most common and widely accepted being the belief that human beings are divided into more than one race, with members of some races being intrinsically superior or inferior to members of other races. As racism carries references to race-based prejudice, violence, or oppression, the term has varying and often hotlyContinue reading “ICC and not Indians is racist”

Indo Pak Battle of a different kind

It was as Indo pak battle. And we aren’t talking of the just concluded Indo Pak series. Nor are we talking of any incursions that took place at the Line of Control. For a change it was an Indo Pak battle that took place in the corporate sector. Vikram S Pandit, currently Citigroup’s investment bankingContinue reading “Indo Pak Battle of a different kind”