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Point to Ponder Over Raj Thackeray

I agree that this post on the speeches by the MNS chief Raj Thackeray has come quite late but I intended it to be delayed as my first response is quite impulsive and need not be of any wisdom. Now I do not claim that the post contains unquestioned knowledge, deep thinking or wisdom butContinue reading “Point to Ponder Over Raj Thackeray”

Anecdote on Thackerays

I remember it was about five years ago, when Shiv Sena resorted to violence on “The sons of the soils” issue. The “Marathi Manoos” took laws into their own hand. The Thackeray brothers beat up the North Indians from UP and Bihar coming to take the railway recruitment board exams. They went on record toContinue reading “Anecdote on Thackerays”

Political Games being Played all Over!!

MUMBAI IS in headlines for last few days and we have seen some very parochial politics being played in Mumbai and in the country over all. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) activists are on rampage against North Indian migrants in Mumbai and Maharashtra. The ‘bhaiyyas’, common pejorative for North Indians living in Mumbai, are being targeted becauseContinue reading “Political Games being Played all Over!!”

Mumbai is for all.

The dogs in Mumbai have been unleashed once again by power hungry regional politicians. Petty ‘taxi drivers’,’chaat waalah’ and other poor vendors are being accused and abused physically in broad daylights, in the heart of financial capital of India, Mumbai. Indian newspapers are full of reports that North Indians (particularly those from the states ofContinue reading “Mumbai is for all.”

An Open Letter to Raj Thackeray

RAJ THACKERAY, the name, which in the last two days has drawn a lot of flak nationwide, started his political career as a youth-wing leader in the Shiv Sena, Bal Thackeray’s (his uncle’s) party. He steadily rose up the ranks with his charisma and was seen as the number two in the party. However, thisContinue reading “An Open Letter to Raj Thackeray”