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Is the Dalit movement a piggyback for Indian Politics?

Our inability to eradicate caste completely even after the rise of great men like Mahatma Phule and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar reveals our own blindness to one of the most dehumanising systems the world has ever known. To eradicate this evil there has been movement in country for long time. BR Ambedkar, Mahatma Phule, Babu Jagjeevan Ram, Kanshi Ram and Mayawati have been the torch bearer of this movement till date.
We have always voted without looking at the wider picture. We still vote for the candidate belonging to particular caste/community. As long as we will fall prey to such tactics of cunning politicians we will be always tied to a caste.
You have option of either to crib and complain about the unfair system or rise to write a new script in the independent India.

Can’t we think beyond reservations?

Political parties are playing a game of divide and rule. Most party manifestos have reservation as their key promise.
In fact, some parties like LJP have gone to the extent of demanding reservation in Indian Army, the symbol of national integrity.

Congress to extend reservations to private sector

NEW DELHI: It’s time for a re-run of the quota story. Congress, which promised quota in the private sector in 2004, has once again said it would extend reservations to the private sector and private educational institutions. The government has been citing resistance from the corporates to explain its ability to act on the promiseContinue reading “Congress to extend reservations to private sector”

Should there be Reservations for Muslims?

Reservations have become a political gimmick in India. Just before the elections you will see our ‘sensible politicians’ showing this lollypop to certain communities to create vote bank. In Maharashtra, Marathas have been demanding for reservations. Now the latest news is that Sharad Pawar has conceded to the demand of Muslims being given reservations. I was on a television show on behalf of Youth for Equality (YFE) for discussing this issue of Muslim Reservations. YFE has always maintained that the reservations should only be on economic basis and the opinion is no different on this issue either. There are many hurdles in giving the reservations to Muslims.

Arjun Singh interviewed by Karan Thapar.

Karan Thapar: Do you personally also, as Minister of Human Resource Development, believe that a reservation is the right and proper way to help the OBCs? Arjun Singh: Certainly, that is one of the most important ways to do it. Karan Thapar: The right way? Arjun Singh: Also the right way. Karan Thapar: In whichContinue reading “Arjun Singh interviewed by Karan Thapar.”


UNITED PROGRESSIVE Alliance’s (UPA’s) one minister has gone into my head and this ’great’ personality is Arjun Singh. This social engineer wants to become a hero of the so called ’backward classes’, and in the process, he is neglecting the highest education institutes of the country. If All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) becameContinue reading “I want more RESERVATIONS”

The Divisive Policy of RESERVATIONS

THE RECENT Supreme Court verdict on Other Backward Class (OBC) quota in central educational institutes was a fine balancing act despite the enormous amount of pressure being exerted on the judiciary by the government in an attempt to curb the so-called judicial activism without realising that it has a become a necessity, due to completeContinue reading “The Divisive Policy of RESERVATIONS”

RTI on Reservations to MHRD makes a shocking revelation

Well well. Arjun Singh’s reservation row is now almost two long years old now & the Supreme Court judgement has given the government a green signal to implement the reservations, sans the creamy layer. So the government shall now work towards implementation, right? But, do we have any clues about the status of the implementationsContinue reading “RTI on Reservations to MHRD makes a shocking revelation”

Unique Protest in Supreme Court by YFE

A report of what happened when students gathered at the SC lawns to appeal against the way 27% reservation for OBCs is being implemented. Wondering why the youth brigade didn’t come up with strong reactions immediately after the Supreme Court ruling that gave way to 27 per cent reservation to the OBCs? Well, this couldContinue reading “Unique Protest in Supreme Court by YFE”

Impact of Reservations on Higher Education

The Supreme Court has given its verdict on the 27 per cent reservations and the government is all geared up to implement it from this session only. The much-debated other backward classes (OBC) quota will be implemented at prestigious educational institutions like IITs and IIMs nationwide. Why the reservation card was played by Arjun SinghContinue reading “Impact of Reservations on Higher Education”