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Remembering Lala Amarnath on his Birthday

EVEN AS the India cricket team gets ready to play against New Zealand on Friday (September 11) and thus start another season of non-stop action today, there is a reason to pause and pay tribute to an Indian cricket icon, Lala Amarnath. The legendary cricketer was born at Kapurthala in Punjab on this day inContinue reading “Remembering Lala Amarnath on his Birthday”

Interference in Team Selection: Story of Sports in India

Cricket in India is more than a sport. It is a religion which is followed by billions of crazy fans. This popularity has increased the flow of money in the sport as well. This can be attributed to the success of the team at international level and tremendous marketing strategy. The introduction of Indian PremierContinue reading “Interference in Team Selection: Story of Sports in India”

Baljit Singh: The case of Life being Cruel!

LIFE CAN be cruel. Just when you start feeling that everything has fallen in place, the next moment something unexpected happens. The hard work you have put in becomes zilch in a moment. This is what has happened to star Indian hockey goalkeeper, Baljit Singh. Baljit sustained a career-threatening eye injury while he was practicingContinue reading “Baljit Singh: The case of Life being Cruel!”

Postpone IPL: Is it the only solution?

There is a national debate going on throughout the country, whether the Indian Premier League (IPL) Cricket tournament scheduled from 10th April 2009 should be postponed due to security concerns as the dates clash with 15th general elections or to go with both events simultaneously. Recently, our home minister voiced concern over terror threats on both of these events.

What’s the bigger picture here? What’s the issue of concern here? Is this politics or is this security concern?

Whatever it is that is happening, what is more important here is a sensible decision that all the concerned authorities need to consider in benefit of all.

Dhoni plays it straight

India’s captain brings an uncomplicated, honest approach to cricket Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a forthright, straightforward cricketer unburdened by the baggage that generally accompanies a man onto the field, thereby restricting his outlook. At once he is intelligent and simple, aggressive and canny, tough and respectful. He did not come to cricket as a youthfulContinue reading “Dhoni plays it straight”

Are we happy and fit as a nation?

Just when we were wringing our hands at the prospect of a blank medal tally at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Abhinav Bindra hit gold. Certainly, the gloom has lifted. But this is actually the perfect time to ask an unsavoury question: should we allow our sporting self-esteem to be linked solely to what a handfulContinue reading “Are we happy and fit as a nation?”

Abhinav “Goldshot” Bindra: Ends Drought in Olympics

ABHINAV BINDRA created history on Monday morning (August 11) when he won India’s first ever individual gold medal in Men’s 10 metre Air Rifle Shooting Competition in Beijing Olympics. Bindra shot a total score of 700.5. Bindra scored a massive 10.8 in the finals and that is something unthinkable. This is India’s first gold medalContinue reading “Abhinav “Goldshot” Bindra: Ends Drought in Olympics”

The Revival of Indian Hockey: Finalist of Sultan Azlan Shah

The unexpected has happened in the Hockey. With all news coverage going to IPL, we have completely forgotten the Hockey being played somewhere. After missing the berth in Olympics this is some good news for hockey fans in the country. The ouster of KPS Gill has proved to be the lucky decision as India movedContinue reading “The Revival of Indian Hockey: Finalist of Sultan Azlan Shah”

IHF Suspended- A Welcome Move

K P S Gill’s 15-year tenure as the hockey boss came to an unceremonious end with the Indian Olympic Association removing him by suspending the IHF and appointing an ad-hoc committee, headed by former Olympian Aslam Sher Khan. The ‘unanimous’ decision to suspend IHF was taken at an emergency meeting called by the IOA followingContinue reading “IHF Suspended- A Welcome Move”