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Let us not forget our brave martyrs

Last year on 23rd of March, we wrote about the death anniversary of our martyrs Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. They lost their lives and made a valuable fraction of contribution towards the freedom we enjoy today.

Today is 23rd of March again and this post is a conscious reminder to our readers of this contribution and its

Bhagat Singh-Sukhdev-Rajguru: 77th Anniversary of Martyrdom

March 23 is the death anniversary of one of the most heroic figures of the Indian freedom movement. Few people remember it, though. Forget the rest of India, even the children of the village where he was born, do not know anything about him. The Free Press Journal in its issue of 24th March 1931Continue reading “Bhagat Singh-Sukhdev-Rajguru: 77th Anniversary of Martyrdom”