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Unless you sacrifice, you can’t fight terror: Col. R Hariharan

Colonel R Hariharan is a specialist on South Asia military intelligence. He served as the head of intelligence for the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka between 1987 and 1990.

He is associated with the South Asia Analysis Group and the Chennai Centre for China Studies.

Colonel Hariharan speaks about what needs to be done to avoid terror attacks like the one in Mumbai terror attacks.

The Pakistani media is distorting Mumbai attack facts

As Indian media reports the facts and other information related to terror attacks, a totally opposite image of India has been built by Pakistani media. A report said that the attacks could be the handiwork of “radical elements within Hindu community”

Pakistan will have to pay a heavy price: MJ Akbar

M J Akbar is one of India’s best-known journalists and commentators, someone with a deep insight into the Indian people and their mindset. In this first-person, as-told-to piece, Akbar discusses the Mumbai attacks and their relevance for India. (via Rediff)

How Terror Training is executed

This is a hypothetical talk between a “teacher” and a “student”. Here the teacher is a man who has taught how to create terror and a student is a young terrorist waiting for an order to execute some “great” plans. After passing out from the training camp his master tells him that you will beContinue reading “How Terror Training is executed”

Terrorism and our Politicians

It has been over 54 hours since the terror struck Mumbai and the operations are still going on at Taj Hotel. Well, I just have no words to speak about my state of mind– Shocked, Angry, resentment, Helpless! I have really started to think so weirdly that I can do anything at this moment. AtContinue reading “Terrorism and our Politicians”

Hail the spirit of Mumbai

As the fresh blasts rocked the financial capital of the country, the Spirit of Mumbai has once again “defeated” the motive of terrorists to create painic. Even after 41 hours of the attack, the battle is still going on at Trident Hotel and Nariman House (28th November, 15:00 hrs IST) but Mumbai woke to theContinue reading “Hail the spirit of Mumbai”

The Enemy is Within the Country now!

THE RECENT happenings in our country in connection with the blasts in Malegaon has raised few questions. The questions that need to be thought carefully and then answered else we are heading towards a very dangerous situation. The biggest hurdle in this will no doubt be again our own politicians. As I have always maintainedContinue reading “The Enemy is Within the Country now!”