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Taking Dalits for Granted!

DALITS, THE caste which was subjected to the humiliation for years play a huge role in Indian politics. There have been several leaders within the community and outside the community who focused on empowering them. One such leader in today’s time is Mayawati, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The state has large population of dalitsContinue reading “Taking Dalits for Granted!”

Can’t we think beyond reservations?

Political parties are playing a game of divide and rule. Most party manifestos have reservation as their key promise.
In fact, some parties like LJP have gone to the extent of demanding reservation in Indian Army, the symbol of national integrity.

An open Letter to politicians of UP and Bihar

Well in one of my articles “Political games being played all over”, i mentioned reasons about large scale migration from UP and Bihar. I was lacking some figures which i got in today’s HT Counterpoint written by Vir Sanghvi on page 10. Here is an excerpt from that article. My suspicion is that the disdainContinue reading “An open Letter to politicians of UP and Bihar”

Mayawati is at it again!

The Leopard they say never changes its spots. Mayawati’s suspension of four officials in the Sultanpur district has raised eyebrows and received flak from the Congress Party as well as the UP Governer who has asked her to justify the suspension. May, 2007. Mayawati had just been sworn in as the Uttar Pradesh Chief MinisterContinue reading “Mayawati is at it again!”

Uttar Pradesh: The epicentre of Polio in India

Pulse Polio, an immunization campaign was established by the Government of India in 1994 to eradicate poliomyelitis (polio) in India by vaccinating all children under the age of five, against polio virus. However, a sharp rise in polio cases in India‚Äôs largest state has raised fears of the return of a disease that the countryContinue reading “Uttar Pradesh: The epicentre of Polio in India”