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The Challenges ahead for UPA Government

The people of the country have voted United Progressive Alliance to form the government. Dr Manmohan Singh and his new team will be formulated by the end of next week. But the faith and expectations that people have in the abilities of Dr Singh will be the tough task for the alliance. Though Left partiesContinue reading “The Challenges ahead for UPA Government”

BJP should be a Strong Opposition in 15th Lok Sabha

The Lok Sabha Elections have thrown some unexpected results. The results are unexpected for almost every political party. You can take example of Congress, BJP, Left, BSP, TC, etc. It is very clear that UPA under the leadership of Dr Manmohan Singh is going to form the government again. With Left out of the government,Continue reading “BJP should be a Strong Opposition in 15th Lok Sabha”

A battle is lost, but not the war

Kanchan Gupta / Analysis Atal Bihari Vajpayee was given to moments of jocular frivolity at times of great stress, for instance on the eve of election results. At the fag end of the 1999 election campaign, a senior journalist asked him what would rate as one of the most banal, if not asinine, questions: “MrContinue reading “A battle is lost, but not the war”

Significance of 2009 General Election Results

The results of the General Elections 2009 are out. The results we must say are indeed very surprising and may be on unexpected lines. United Progressive Allaince under leadership of Congress has won on 256 seats while NDA under leadership of Bhatiya Janta Party has won 164 seats. This election has been significant in manyContinue reading “Significance of 2009 General Election Results”

Muslim Community: Think before you Vote

THE GENERAL elections have begun in the country. In the coming 25 days, the world’s largest democracy will elect a new government. But one thing that peeves me is the way the political parties are trying to garner votes from the Muslims of the country. Instead of uniting the different sections of society, which ideallyContinue reading “Muslim Community: Think before you Vote”

Can’t we think beyond reservations?

Political parties are playing a game of divide and rule. Most party manifestos have reservation as their key promise.
In fact, some parties like LJP have gone to the extent of demanding reservation in Indian Army, the symbol of national integrity.

Regional Parties Paralyzing Centre

IS THE dominance of regional parties holding back India’s emergence as a global superpower? This is one of the most important question that one must ask because small regional parties have a potentially dangerous control over government policies of all kinds. The regional parties emerged in the political arena because national parties failed to satisfyContinue reading “Regional Parties Paralyzing Centre”

Why the Nuke Deal is “Anti Muslim?”

A SURVEY conducted by the Samajwadi Party (SP) general secretary Shahid Siddiqui has concluded that 70 per cent of Muslims oppose the nuke deal “with the United States (US)”. This survey by Urdu weekly has increased the problems for SP, which is getting cosier with Congress on the deal. The Muslim clerics have also voicedContinue reading “Why the Nuke Deal is “Anti Muslim?””

Inflation and the stupid Economist

Child Psychologists say that a man who has got 20 years of formal education, has irrevocably lost or damaged 70% of his IQ. I have completed 18 years of formal education by 10 + 2 + 4 years (and 2 years in kinder garden) so I must have lost 63% of my IQ. Hence IContinue reading “Inflation and the stupid Economist”

Ramadoss: An Embarrassment for UPA

Ever since Dr Anbumani Ramadoss has taken the charge of the health ministry he has been directly involved in lots of controversies. The recent judgement by the Supreme Court declaring the AIIMS amendment act as a void is yet another setback for the minister. The verdict came after Dr Venugopal challenged his removal as AIIMSContinue reading “Ramadoss: An Embarrassment for UPA”