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Racism in Mumbai!

Last week there has been series in HT on how we treat foreigners and those who might be different from us. Our racism is largely, but not exclusively, based on colour. Caste and ethnicity is the biggest factor in India’s racism. As a student and now as a professional, I have also felt sometime thatContinue reading “Racism in Mumbai!”


12 unsolicited revival tips for an ailing BJP

For last 3-4 days, I have been reasearching a lot on How BJP can revive itself? I have almost finished searching and made few notes on how it can be done. But then I came across this article in Times of India dated 21stMay, 2009 and which was send to me by one of myContinue reading “12 unsolicited revival tips for an ailing BJP”

Why Bhartiya Janta Party Lost the 2009 General Elections!

THE ELECTION results are the swansong for the Bharatiya Janata Party’s iron man LK Advani. His dream to become India’s Prime Minister remains a dream and I don’t think he will get the next chance. But the verdict has taken the country by surprise. Everyone predicted a close contest between the BJP and the CongressContinue reading “Why Bhartiya Janta Party Lost the 2009 General Elections!”

A battle is lost, but not the war

Kanchan Gupta / Analysis Atal Bihari Vajpayee was given to moments of jocular frivolity at times of great stress, for instance on the eve of election results. At the fag end of the 1999 election campaign, a senior journalist asked him what would rate as one of the most banal, if not asinine, questions: “MrContinue reading “A battle is lost, but not the war”

Significance of 2009 General Election Results

The results of the General Elections 2009 are out. The results we must say are indeed very surprising and may be on unexpected lines. United Progressive Allaince under leadership of Congress has won on 256 seats while NDA under leadership of Bhatiya Janta Party has won 164 seats. This election has been significant in manyContinue reading “Significance of 2009 General Election Results”

Vote India Vote!!

The third phase of General Elections will be held on 30th April. It is a humble request from the Team Jai-Hind to all the awakened citizens to get out and vote on 30th April. The states which will go to the polls are Bihar (11), Gujarat (26), Jammu and Kashmir (1), Karnataka (11), Madhya PradeshContinue reading “Vote India Vote!!”

Samajwadi’s Party Manifesto is a Joke!!

THIS IS a time when the nation is looking forward for some able and determined leaders. But Samajwadi Party (SP) has made a mockery of everything. The manifesto released by the party has a few very ‘good’ points, which can take India back to the year 1900. The vision or should I call it aContinue reading “Samajwadi’s Party Manifesto is a Joke!!”

You must Vote in the upcoming Elections

Voting is a right which has been given by our Constitution and is very crucial for existence of a democratic set up. Unfortunately, half of the country’s population does not participates in this process. This is really a very sad approach on the part of the citizens. In some countries people are literally dying toContinue reading “You must Vote in the upcoming Elections”

Participate in the Democratic Process

Very well said Sakshi, only God can bless India!! Because u have decided that u are not going to vote coz u don’t have any choice. But dear this is the democracy where if u are opposed of LK Advani being elected to PM or Dr MMS or Mayawati then there is a great possibilityContinue reading “Participate in the Democratic Process”

Congress to extend reservations to private sector

NEW DELHI: It’s time for a re-run of the quota story. Congress, which promised quota in the private sector in 2004, has once again said it would extend reservations to the private sector and private educational institutions. The government has been citing resistance from the corporates to explain its ability to act on the promiseContinue reading “Congress to extend reservations to private sector”