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Did the CBI mess up in the Arushi Murder case?

The case of a brutal murder of young Arushi Talwar and her servant Hemraj in Delhi had made the entire nation sit up and take notice. Three months have passed since, but the CBI was unable to gather enough evidence against the prime suspects.
The Indian premier investigative agency the Central Bureau of investigation has not been able to find evidence after three moths of investigation, narco tests as well as strict interrogation. The mandatory period to submit evidence in court against the suspects is ninety days and since the CBI was unable to submit any evidence, the main three accused have been granted by a Ghaziabad sessions Court.
The biggest drawback for the investigation of the CBI was the missing murder weapon. Till date the murder weapon has not been located and continues to elude the investigating authorities. But the entire matter seems to have gone out of hand for the CBI for just a couple of months back they had announced that they were very close to solving the double murder case and had taken the accused into custody.
The Talwars’ compounder, Krishna was the prime suspect. He was abetted by the domestic help of the Talwars’ friends the Durannis, Rajkumar and the domestic help of their neighbour, Vijay Mandal. The three were taken into custody but because of the inability of the CBI to charge sheet them, all the three have been now granted bail by the sessions court. Another point of discussion is that though much had been made of the narco analysis texts as well as the Lie detector. But the result of the Narco analysis as well as the Lie detector cannot be produced in court as a form of evidences.
Now that the CBI was unable to find evidence against the prime suspects, it is looking at other forms of help. A letter has been sent to Nepal in order to assist in the investigation by helping find the mobile phone. Also the CBI has gone on to announce an award of Rs. 1 lakh to anyone who can throw some light on this case by giving them information regarding the murder weapons.
Both Krishna and Rajkumar were granted bail by the session court but after paying 2 sureties of Rs. 25,000 each. Both were arrested in the months of june and were closely associated with the Talwar family.
Since the CBI was unable to find evidence, the three accused have been let off on bail. The Arushi murder case though continues to be in the limelight as the real perpetrators of this crime have gone scot free. The CBI will have to re begin the investigation in order to shoot some of the scenes and find out who the real killer is. Questions are being raised about how efficiently the CBI has handled this case. It is yet not known for sure who the real murderer is but yet the prime suspects as by the CBI have been granted bail due to lack of evidence. The Arushi Hemraj plot continues to thicken.


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